Here’s what went on at the Toronto Life Doughnut Festival presented by Dufferin Mall

Here’s what went on at the Toronto Life Doughnut Festival presented by Dufferin Mall

500 doughnut lovers showed up on Sunday for one sweet event

Hundreds of doughnut-crazed Torontonians turned up on June 25 for the first Toronto Life Doughnut Festival presented by Dufferin Mall. The event featured wall-to-wall treats along the corridors of the downtown mall, all from Toronto Life’s recent ranking of the city’s best doughnuts. It was like a sugar-dusted scavenger hunt with sweet-toothed snackers eagerly sampling the goods.

The first 200 people got to try Toronto Life’s top-ranked doughnut—the Crunchie-inspired chocolate-dipped concoction from Emma’s Country Kitchen. Sorelle and Co. offered up gluten-free, vegan goodness with its orange-blueberry and chocolate-raspberry doughnuts. Caplansky’s provided a salty-sweet boost with its maple-bacon buttermilk doughnut holes. The s’mores doughnut from Jelly Modern was a huge hit, as was Glory Hole’s toast-and-butter creation. White Lily Diner went old-school with a classic chocolate dip, Von delighted samplers with its blueberry-lime streusel doughnut, and Janchenko’s served up its famous plum-filled ponchiki.

David’s Tea and Tim Hortons provided the liquid refreshment, while Auntie Anne’s doled out pretzel bites and Starbucks brought good-old apple fritters.

Guests took selfies in front of a huge doughnut wall and Instagramed specialty doughnuts created in honour of Dufferin Mall’s fashion retailers. Kids decorated their own doughnuts at a DIY doughnut station, and a portion of the afternoon’s proceeds was donated to Community Food Centres Canada.

For a sweet ending, some attendees were able to bring home their own six-pack of doughnuts. Here’s a look at some of the sugar-jacked revelry.