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Toronto’s top 10 burgers, according to a guy who ate a burger every day in 2016

Toronto's top 10 burgers, according to a guy who ate a burger every day in 2016
Alibhai (wearing a very apropos shirt). Photo courtesy of Reza Alibhai.

On December 31, 2015, Reza Alibhai, a 30-year-old strategy manager from Toronto, made a twofold resolution: to join a gym so that he would be able to eat one burger a day, every day, in 2016. Only the second half of that resolution stuck. “I’ve yet to join a gym,” says Alibhai, “but I feel happy that I accomplished part of my New Year’s resolution—something I’ve never done before.” He documented his #burgeradaychallenge on Instagram and shared with his top 10 burgers with us.

Soho House’s Dirty Burger

10 “I was invited here and told that I had to try their Dirty Burger, a U.K.-based chain recipe. I’m pretty sure you have to ask for it, I don’t think it’s on the regular menu. It was the textbook definition of a good burger, and the bun was killer.” $7. 192 Adelaide St. W., 416-599-7646,


Good Fortune’s Fortune Burger

9 “I read about this spot on Instagram, so I decided to check it out. In my opinion, it’s the best bang-for-your-buck burger in Toronto. It’s just a basic burger done to perfection—but with the addition of house-made hickory sticks on top.” $8. 130 Eglinton Ave. E., 647-351-0130,


Doomie Toronto’s Vegan Mac Daddy

8 “Yes, a vegan Bic Mac–like creation made my list of must-eat burgers. Not only did it taste like an actual beef burger, I think it was better than a real Big Mac. The sauce was on-point, and it was bigger and way more filling than the real thing.” $16. 1263 Queen St. W., no phone,


The Wickson Social’s Hand-Chopped Burger

7 “I’m a huge fan of this burger because of its hand-chopped patty. You can find the same one at the Wickson’s sister restaurant, the Oxley.” $19. 5 St. Joseph St., 647-748-1501,


Antler’s Game Burger

6 “This was the third-last burger I ate. After eating so many, my expectations were pretty high but this one totally grabbed my attention. The mix of different meats—wild boar, bison, deer—was fantastic. It was like eating a steak with my hands.” $18. (Add foie gras for an extra $18.) 1454 Dundas St. W., 647-345-8300,


Richmond Station’s Station Burger

5 “The amazing milk bun is a really big part of this burger. Richmond Station tends to be very busy, but that bun—and an amazing beet chutney—made this burger worth the wait.” $21. 1 Richmond St. W., 647-748-1444,



Union’s Union Burger

4 “Not only does this burger look gorgeous, but it tastes so good. It might have something to do with the double-smoked bacon on it. Plus, there was a bit of sweetness to it, which I really liked.” $19. 72 Ossington Ave., 416-850-0093,


The Carbon Bar’s Brisket Cheeseburger

3 “The quality of the meat in this burger was just outstanding, but it was the slice of brisket that landed it on my list of the city’s must-eat burgers.” $22. 99 Queen St. E., 416-947-7000,


Rasa’s Ground Steak and Beef Cheek Burger

2 “When I had Rasa’s burger, I felt it could be a top contender and maybe even take down my number one burger. The bean sprout kimchi and the gochujang sauce were atypical toppings that added a different kind of flavour.” $17. 196 Robert St., 647-350-8221,


Museum Tavern’s Prime Beef Double Cheeseburger

1 “I decided to crown this burger the best in Toronto a long time ago—I’ve been back a few times to confirm my ranking and it still holds up. It melts in your mouth and it has a great bun. It’s almost like a gourmet Big Mac. I literally fell in love with this burger after my first bite.” $19. 208 Bloor St. W, 416-920-0110,


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