The city vs. Ossington, Michaëlle Jean takes heart, more kitchen nightmares for Ramsay

The city vs. Ossington, Michaëlle Jean takes heart, more kitchen nightmares for Ramsay

Halted hip-ocracy: Restaurants like Pizzeria Libretto were lucky to open before the city stopped issuing licences (Photo by Ingorrr)

• Due to an increase in noise complaints from residents, the city has put a year-long moratorium on restaurant and bar licences being issued to spots on the Ossington strip. Restaurants that applied before Tuesday at 2 p.m., like Paul Boehmer’s upcoming resto-market, are safe. [National Post]

• The backlash over Governor General Michaëlle Jean’s ingesting a raw seal heart during a traditional feasting ceremony in Nunavut has reached international levels. PETA used the words “blood lust” and “Neanderthal,” and a spokesperson for the EU Environment Commissioner called the event “too bizarre to acknowledge.” Elsewhere, New York gossip site Gawker called her “Canada’s Sarah Palin.” [CBC]

• A British ice cream maker flew Italian tenor Marcello Bedoni to the U.K. to sing to his herd of cows, believing the music will calm the beasts and result in increased milk production. The gelato company, Antonio Federici, was named after its creator, who believed in music therapy for animals. [Telegraph]

• Most Toronto chefs get their meats from Cumbrae’s or farms outside the city, but New Yorkers head to Queens, where live chickens, cows and goats are living their final hours in one of many slaughterhouses. Unbeknownst to many, New York has the highest concentration of live animal markets in the United States. Still, regulators and store owners continue to clash over how the businesses should be run, especially after a cow got loose. [New York Times]

• Gordon Ramsay probably invented some new expletives when his New York restaurant, The Gordon Ramsay at The London, received 24 violation points from the city’s board of health. Among the violations are surfaces “not properly washed” and “unacceptable surface material.” Serenity now. [UK Mirror]