Weekly Lunch Pick: Origin Liberty’s $9 daily sandwich

Weekly Lunch Pick: Origin Liberty’s $9 daily sandwich

BLT and Spanish fries at Origin Liberty (Image: Renée Suen)

Earlier this year, Claudio Aprile opened Origin Liberty, taking over a spacious corner of what used to be a Bren gun factory. The lunch menu includes some of the more popular plates from dinnertime but also a collection of sandwiches with international flavour profiles. The best deal is the $9 daily sandwich, which ranges from an indulgent lobster club to a classic meatball and is advertised on Twitter and, appropriately enough, on a sandwich board outside Origin’s main entrance. On our visit, the sandwich is a gussied-up BLT that’s served between mayo-slathered slices of olive loaf with grainy mustard spread and a sheet of cool mozzarella cheese. To supplement the hearty sandwich, we splurge for a side of spicy Spanish fries ($12), a kicked-up variation of poutine made with diced chorizo, olives and red pepper, a fine dusting of manchego cheese and dollops of chipotle aïoli. It’s less of a deal, sure, but worth it.

The cost: $27.50, including tax and tip.

The time: 42 minutes.

Origin Liberty, 171 East Liberty St., Ste. 100, 416-649-4567, originliberty.com, @OriginLiberty