Every whisky has its own flavour profile. Most Canadian whisky tastes of honey, maple and toffee. Flavoured whisky takes one of these notes and intensifies it. “That’s why it works so well,” says Don Livermore, master blender at Wiser’s. “It still tastes like whisky, but with a more pronounced flavour.” Here, Livermore explains the flavoured-whisky trend.

I’ve never tasted flavoured whisky before. What should I expect?
It tastes like whisky, but with one flavour in the forefront. “When you sip Wiser’s Spiced Torched Toffee, you’re still getting the oak, caramel and vanilla notes, but the toffee flavour dominates,” says Livermore. Forty Creek Spike Honey Spiced is made from the distillery’s Barrel Select whisky, with just a touch more honey flavour added to the recipe.
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Flavour vs. traditional — what’s the difference?
When you sip Crown Royal Maple Finished, it tastes like whisky that’s got a pronounced maple edge. Canadian Club Maple tastes like Canadian Club, but with a tad more maple on the tongue. “[And] like all Canadian whisky, it must be well-balanced and flavourful,” says Livermore.
What’s driving this trend?
“People are more curious to try new things these days, whether it’s spicy food or new cocktails,” says Livermore. Flavoured whisky offers a new taste experience, whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to whisky. “It also tends to be a bit smoother” notes Livermore, “making it the perfect way to get into whisky if you’ve never tried it.”
Neat, mixed, on ice —how do you serve it?
“Any way you want”, says Livermore. Like all Canadian whisky, these whisky blends can be enjoyed neat or on ice, or mixed into a cocktail. For example, Crown Royal Maple Finished offers a fresh, sweet twist to a Manhattan or Spicy Sour cocktail. “I like to sip the Wiser’s Torched Toffee neat,” says Livermore, “but it also goes really well mixed with ginger ale or cola.”




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    Built upon the award-winning Forty Creek Barrel Select, this whisky brings honey to the forefront, along with vanilla and cinnamon. Slightly sweet, it makes for a refreshing highball cocktail or can be sipped neat after dinner.

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    SAVE $1.00 | 750 mL | 397109

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    Canadian Club is one of the world’s best-loved whiskies. The Maple takes the classic recipe — clean, crisp and full of toffee and caramel — and amps it up with a maple note.

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    SAVE $1.00 | 750 mL | 394320

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    Aged for three years, this whisky is both slightly sweet and lightly spiced for an unforgettable flavour. Add a dash of water or an ice cube to bring out its fruity aromas and caramelized toffee notes.

    $27.95 | 750 mL | 394346

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    Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey Infused with natural flavours. Proprietary infusion process expertly blends the flavors, keeping the whiskey smooth and not too sweet. Distinctively fruity yet the familiar, rich nose of Jim Beam Bourbon shines through.

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    Raise this rye to your mouth and you’ll taste the caramel and toffee goodness that Canadian Club is known for. Except here, you’re also getting a much bolder, spicier character, thanks to the high rye content. Sip in cocktails or on the rocks.

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    J.P. Wiser’s® Spiced combines the uncompromising taste of J.P. Wiser’s® whisky with a hint of vanilla. A great tasting, versatile whisky, perfect for mixing with cola, ginger ale, or alone as a shooter.

    $27.95 | 750 mL | 292243

Return of the High Ryes

Forget everything you thought you knew about rye. Real rye isn’t a blended whisky. And it doesn’t need to come from Canada. Bold and spicy, high rye is making a serious comeback. “These ryes are very flavourful and mix well into any whisky-based cocktail,” says Veronica Saye, the bartender at Toronto whisky bar Food & Liquor. Here, Saye explains the high-rye wave.
What is a high rye?
People often call Canadian whisky rye, but true rye has much more rye grain than you find in a blended whisky. In the U.S., where most rye comes from, the whisky must contain at least 51% rye grain. A “high rye,” such as Alberta Premium and George Dickel, contains 100% rye.
Why the sudden resurgence in ryes?
It has a lot to do with the bourbon boom. People began to realize that whisky can be sweet or spicy, subtle or bold, and that you can enjoy whisky many ways. I’ve been a bartender for more than 11 years, and it wasn’t until about five years ago that someone ordered a Sazerac. So we’re seeing a revival of both classic cocktails and classic spirits, such as rye.
Do all ryes taste the same?
The Bulleit rye is rich and oaky, with lots of vanilla, spice and heat on the palate, which I love. It’s great neat, or add a cube of ice to mellow it a bit. George Dickel is a bit more fruitforward and is a fantastic sipping whisky. Canadian Club 100% and Alberta Premium are both big rye whiskies, with lots of spice and caramel.
What can I expect from a rye cocktail?
Dryer than bourbon, rye adds a leaner profile that blends really nicely in a cocktail without overpowering the drink. Most classic cocktails — such as the Manhattan, Old-Fashioned and
Sazerac — originally called for rye whisky. High rye is a return to pre-Prohibition whisky. “It’s definitely my favourite whisky,” says Saye.