How Josh Cellars became the perfect wine for the holidays

How Josh Cellars became the perfect wine for the holidays

Like almost everything else, the holiday season promises to feel a little different in 2020. Okay, maybe even a lot different. The office holiday party? Scrapped. (And what’s an “office”anyway?) Happy hour reunions with far- flung friends? Strictly virtual. The gag-gift swap? Save your white elephants for next year. And large family gatherings? Largely downsized—and that’s the biggest bummer of them all. But just because our gatherings are a far cry from the norm, that doesn’t mean they won’t be memorable. And when we look back on 2020, we’re likely to remember how we celebrated these holidays, and with whom, in more vivid detail than any ordinary year. Our more intimate gatherings promise to live long in the memory, and we’ll be grateful for the loved ones who were able to take part with us.

That same spirit of gratitude—of being thankful for family, friends and gatherings in whatever form they might take—goes into every bottle of Josh Cellars wine. It says so right on the label: Josh is none other than the father of vintner Joseph Carr, who started the label as a tribute to his dad. Josh liked to work with his hands, a lumberjack by trade who loved tinkering around with old stock cars, and raced them in his spare time. He valued hard work and high standards, traits that come through in the wines that now bear his name. And as Josh knew, hard work pays off: what started with a single varietal in 2007 is now a family of wines that spans California’s most famous winegrowing regions.

This year in particular, every holiday meal is an occasion worth celebrating, so make sure to choose the right wine. Josh Cellars cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay are two standouts—and unbeatable values—that will elevate any feast. The ruby-red cabernet was Josh’s very first wine, and it remains a North Coast classic, made with fruit sourced from Napa Valley, Sonoma and Mendocino. It’s ripe and ready to pair with roast beef and other red meats, with juicy blackberry and currant notes, and hints of vanilla and baking spice, with lots of cherry and cedar on the finish. For turkey and other white meats, the rich chardonnay is a perfect match, with hints of oak, vanilla and fig aromas, and subtle oral notes that complement a hint of rye.

No matter what they’re paired with, Josh Cellars wines are meant to be shared. It may not feel like it now, but we’ll be back to those office functions (hooray?) and big family get-togethers before too long. Until then, this holiday season is a chance to be reminded of what we truly have to be thankful for. No matter what our gatherings may look like this year, we can all raise a glass to that.

Meet The Rest Of The Josh Cellars Family


Only around for the holidays, this prosecco turns any occasion into a celebration. It offers bright notes of fresh pear, green apple, melon and citrus with oral tones. Its great bubbles and zesty acidity make for an excellent aperitif. Pairs with antipasti and light dishes. Available exclusively at the LCBO.

$19.95. LCBO 16947


Ideal for pairing with bold avours, from soft cheeses to a meaty ragu, this Sonoma-Mendocino collaboration is inviting and approachable, with balanced fruit and hints of milk chocolate and vanilla.

$19.95. LCBO 638221

Pinot Grigio

The fresh and bright citrus flavours in this light and crisp wine may call to mind summer nights on the porch, and should help hold you over until warmer weather returns.Until then, enjoy with citrus-forward salad dressings, mild cheese or fresh bruschetta. Available exclusively at the LCBO.

$18.95. LCBO 15754

Legacy Red

Named to honour the values and high standards that Josh Carr handed down, this great-all around blend pops with plums, black cherry, dark fruit and toasted cedar. It’s bold enough to match a leg of lamb or grilled skirt steak.

$19.95. LCBO 507467

Sauvignon Blanc

With grapes gathered from across the state’s prime growing regions, this aromatic sipper is a true California all-star. The bright citrus flavours would nicely complement a holiday turkey or seafood appetizers.

$18.95. LCBO 643114


It’s summer all year long with this crisp and bright rosé that smacks of white peach, strawberry and nectarine. It pairs beautifully with all kinds of seafood, especially Greek, Italian and other Mediterranean preparations.

$18.95. LCBO 539312

Josh Cellars is available today with free delivery through the TL x Runner Storefront. Simply hit “Order Now” and apply promo code TLJOSHCELLARS for free delivery.  You can also find Josh Cellars at the LCBO and select grocery stores, and on Facebook and Instagram.

Please enjoy responsibly.