Introducing: Windows by Jamie Kennedy, the locavore chef’s new Niagara Falls venture

Introducing: Windows by Jamie Kennedy, the locavore chef’s new Niagara Falls venture

The man with his name on the place (Image: Karolyne Ellacott)

Jamie Kennedy (Gilead Café, formerly of Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar and JK Rom, etc.), describes his new venture, Windows by Jamie Kennedy, as “a taste of Niagara and a feast for the eyes.” Given his commitment to local and seasonal food, it’s fitting that dining at Kennedy’s latest restaurant will require a journey to one of the world’s natural wonders. We took a trip down to Niagara Falls to check the place out.

The restaurant is housed on the dining floor of the Sheraton on the Falls, with panes of glass—some frosted, others with a wood grain—separating Windows from the Fallsview Restaurant that occupies the main eating area (the two restaurants share a kitchen, but have separate fridges, stoves and staffs). The decor at Windows is fairly simple; complementary shades of brown accent the room, while candle-filled Mason jars—a classic Kennedy touch—light up the tables. One wall is lined with booths, while the opposite one is devoted to the restaurant’s namesake windows, offering a spectacular view of the falls (though unfortunately the weather was a tad gloomy during our visit). There’s also a wine wall that shows off the expansive array of bottles selected by Tony Aspler and Bruce Wallner.

The kitchen is helmed by chef de cuisine Ross Midgley, whose seasonal menu is intended to show off the bounty of the Niagara region, paired with a wine list that will ebb and flow over the course of the year. Starters include a salad of Soiled Reputation greens matched with Easter radishes and a sorrel vinaigrette ($12), while a minestrone soup features braised rabbit and arugula and black walnut pesto ($17). Currently, mains are very meat-heavy; a confit and roast of duck is served on a bed of duck schmaltz–roasted potatoes and drizzled in a sour cherry glaze ($32). For dessert, a chamomile panna cotta is topped with a rhubarb gelée ($12). Last but not least, Kennedy’s famous twice-cooked frites are indeed available, served with a house-made chili and a cider vinegar mayo ($7). Those keen on tightrope walking best make reservations now—we’re pretty sure this spot will offer a bird’s eye view of daredevil Nik Wallenda’s upcoming stunt.

Windows by Jamie Kennedy, Sheraton on the Falls, 5875 Falls Ave., Niagara Falls, 1-866-374-4408,, @WindowsbyJK