Inside the fridge of chef Marc Thuet and restaurateur Biana Zorich

Inside the fridge of chef Marc Thuet and restaurateur Biana Zorich

In our new series, Crisper Chronicles, we ask the city’s top food personalities to let us into their most intimate alimentary enclave: the home refrigerator. This week, chef Marc Thuet and his wife, front-of-house master Biana Zorich—both back in Toronto after shooting a new season of Conviction Kitchen in Vancouver—talk about the treasures (and trash) that lurk in their icebox.

What is the one thing that will always be in your fridge?
MT: Ketchup. No, no, don’t write that. B, what might it be?
BZ: A lot of people don’t know this, but he’s into sandwiches and really trashy food.
MT: Don’t say that. Fuck.
BZ: Sandwiches and ketchup. Loads of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Do you keep those in the fridge?
BZ: No, they’re not allowed in the house because he eats them all.

What’s the most embarrassing thing in your fridge?
BZ: Cracker Barrel cheese.

Expiration dates: iron laws or just suggestions?
BZ: Suggestions. Our rule of thumb is, if it’s mouldy, then it’s gone.
MT: Well, no, not everything. Not cheese. We have unpasteurized cheese in the fridge, and you just scratch off the mould. Except Cracker Barrel, because there is no milk in that.

What do you do when good foods go bad?
BZ: We make tons of stews here.
MT: Biana is the king of stews. She has a Mexican pot.
BZ: I do. Sometimes vegetables are better when they’re a little bit old.

Tomatoes: to refrigerate or not to refrigerate?
MT: Tomatoes we do, because they get too ripe. Because you buy a ripe tomato.