Inside Stock TC, Midtown’s new 20,000-square-foot food emporium from the owners of Terroni and Cumbrae’s

Inside Stock TC, Midtown’s new 20,000-square-foot food emporium from the owners of Terroni and Cumbrae’s

Name: Stock TC
Contact: 2388 Yonge Street, 416-489-1020,,
Neighbourhood: Midtown
Owners: Cosimo Mammoliti (Terroni, Sud Forno) and Stephen Alexander (Cumbrae’s)
Covid-19: Hand sanitizer stations; masks are mandatory while shopping; two-metre social distancing stickers throughout the store; the capacity of store is monitored and limited to just 40 people at at time.
Accessibility: An elevator that reaches all three floors can be accessed from the Helendale Avenue entrance.

Yonge and Eg’s giant new gourmet grocer is a joint venture between longtime friends Mammoliti and Alexander. Housed in the historic Postal Station K, the building has been transformed to include a fresh pasta station, a butcher and cheese counter, a fresh produce section, a prepared foods department, a coffee bar, a gelateria, a bakery and a wine shop. There’s also a dine-in restaurant and bar upstairs, but for obvious reasons, those aren’t opening just yet. “We spent a lot of time talking about our businesses—food and wine—and how one day we should bring it to the next step,” says Mammoliti. “But how do you do more for the city? How do you make a better product? This is the product of years of talking and hashing it out. This is the future.” Take a look around.

Here are co-owners Cosimo Mammoliti (left) and Stephen Alexander:


Here’s the entrance:


The ground-floor retail space features the Art Deco building’s original 1936 terrazzo floor, which was recovered by chipping away a layer of concrete that covered it:


Pastries, like croissants and bombolini, are made on-site daily and sold at the coffee counter:


There’s also house-made gelato and various prepared desserts, like jarred tiramisu and panna cotta:


La Colombe coffee (which is the brand served at Terroni and Sud Forno) is available in bags of beans and prepared at the café:


The pasta counter is stocked with fresh pastas and suggested ready-made sauce pairings. The various flours used for the breads, pizzas and pastas are imported from Italy and all available for purchase.


The store’s fresh pasta selection includes house-made rigatoni bolognese ($14.99):


Here’s the pizza counter, where customers can get slices of pizza or freshly baked focaccia:


Here’s some of that focaccia now:


And here’s a slice of pepperoni ($5.50):


Raw ingredients, including three-day fermented pizza dough and prepackaged toppings are available, too, for those who want to be their own pizzaiolo:


New items include frozen sauce “pucks”:


All of the bread is brought in daily from Sud Forno’s commissary kitchen:


A good chunk of of Stock TC’s 400-plus consignment wines are privately imported by Mammoliti’s agency—you can’t find these anywhere else in the city. An in-house sommelier is available if you have any questions or if you want to try before you buy:


We caught the arrival of the agency’s first shipment of French wines. This Premier Cru will be available in the upstairs restaurant when it opens:


The meat counter is located in the heart of the retail space. It’s stocked with store-packaged meats, charcuterie and sausages:


There are also jarred patés and terrines:


And this case of aging cuts:


There’s a custom-built cheese cave behind the cheese counter:


The counter itself is full of local and international cheeses:


The store brings in unique products like this fresh cheese from Campania:


There’s even a small produce section for shoppers who need, say, some garlic for a recipe:


Goods in the store’s pantry include fine olive oils, sauces, balsamic vinegars and conservas:


As well as a whole bunch of dried fruit and nuts:


And all kinds of kitchen utensils, cookware and cookbooks:


The store’s house-made chocolate-covered gelato bars can be found next to frozen pastries:


The back of the store is dedicated to prepared meals. Customers can choose from an array of grab-and-go, heat-and-serve dishes, or prepared-to-order menu items:


The prepared food counter features classics like buttermilk fried chicken next to new and changing seasonal sides such as acorn squash and roasted carrots:


Made-to-order breakfast, lunch and dinner items can be ordered from the quick-service counter:


Things like this dry-aged, double-patty smashed burger topped with tomato, shredded lettuce, cheddar and Stock burger sauce ($12.99):


The buttermilk fried chicken sandwich comes topped with bread and butter pickles, shredded lettuce and lemon Dijon mayo ($11.99):


The dry-aged sirloin steak spinach salad tosses baby spinach, candied pecans and stilton cheese in a red wine vinaigrette ($12.99):


This vegetarian avocado salad features a poached egg on arugula and baby spinach dressed with a lemon vinaigrette and shaved parmesan ($11.99):


Here’s a whole spread of what you can get: