Your Holiday Centrepiece

Your Holiday Centrepiece

Make a crowd-pleasing centrepiece with red roses, candy canes and Lindor truffles

Let’s start with a table. You have a table, right? Because if not, what follows here wont be of much use to you. Regardless, a table alone isn’t enough: you need to decorate it, and what you really need to level-up your holiday hosting is an eye-catching centrepiece. “Ugh,” you’re thinking right now, “another thing I have to buy this season?” Think again: here’s how to make a festive table-topper using just a vase, some candy canes, red roses, a bright red ribbon and a variety of your favourite Lindor truffles.

1. Start with a cylinder-shaped glass vase that is no more than 5” high with at least a 4” opening at the top.

2. You will need approximately 25 to 30 large candy canes (about 5.25” in height). Using your glue gun, affix the candy canes around the glass vase and tie with a red ribbon.

3. Add water, trim your red roses to fit snugly within the vase and pepper with boxwood leaves. Set your favourite Lindor truffles in the arrangement. You can use a variety of Lindor flavours to change up the colours. The Lindor truffles should fit naturally among the roses.

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