Here’s what went down at the latest members-only Toronto Life R&D Night dinner at Tanto

Here’s what went down at the latest members-only Toronto Life R&D Night dinner at Tanto

Toronto Life Insider members sat down for a one-of-a-kind feast on March 11 at Tanto, one of Ossington’s most popular restaurants. For the latest in Toronto Life’s R&D Nights series, Tanto chef Julian Iliopoulos prepared a 15-course feast incorporating everything that a whole Jersey cow from St. Brigid’s Dairy in Brussels, Ontario, has to offer. Here’s a look at the event, and some of the dishes that were served.

Here’s Chef Iliopoulos welcoming everyone to the dinner.


A quick peek at the menu gave guests only a hint of the beefy exploits that were to follow.


Beef liver mousse with shallot jam on short crust tart, and a croqueta made with braised tail, tendon and cabbage served with celeriac remoulade.


Eye-of-round carpaccio served on a rice cake with rosemary aioli and green olive poweder, served with sticks of green radish and carrot dipped in clarified Emerald Grasslands butter.


This is a savoury panna cotta with outside-round machaca, pickled chanterelles and fried parsnip.


A sirloin tip tartare with truffled pecorino; in the background, beef fat doughnut sticks with St. Bridgid’s cheddar fonduta.


Dig in.


Chef Iliopoulos chats with diners seated at the chef’s counter. Meanwhile, behind him…


…this is happening.


These lentils are topped with a cotechino sausage made with pig skin and ground dry-aged inside round.


All of the dishes were served with wines from Tawse Winery in Vineland, Ontario.


This is a suet biscuit served with grilled gem lettuce and Emerald Grasslands butter and a strip of beef navel that’s been cured like bacon.


The main event: cuts of striploin and ribeye aged in its own rendered tallow.


Of course there were some on-theme desserts to end the meal.


Here they are: a bourbon milk punch served with beef-fat alfajores.


After the last dish was served, chef Iliopoulos made the rounds to thank everyone for coming.

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