Great wine at everyday price points can help us live a more convivial life

Great wine at everyday price points can help us live a more convivial life

Visit just about any town or city square in Italy during the sunset hour after work, and you can watch as the smiling people stream in. They’re searching for each other. When the work day ends, the part of life that matters — the part you share with family and friends — truly begins. Often this golden hour is celebrated with a glass of wine.

Sharing these moments is the Italian way. So is loving wine enough to make it a central part of the occasion. Naturally Italy excels at producing outstanding wines for everyday occasions – weekday wines, you could call them – and these ought to be popped open (or better yet, unscrewed) and shared without a lot of fuss.

In summer, for example, you might pair a spritzy glass of Moscato with fruit to tide you over until supper. Or start with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio with some crostini, and then have the second glass with your favourite easy-to-make pasta dish later on.

Meanwhile, never mistake lack of stuffiness and ceremony during the Italian evening ritual for a lack of seriousness about the wines. Only quality products, made to the highest standards of excellence, are welcomed to the table.

Take the wines of the Cavit, for example, a co-operative of 10 winemakers located in the province of Trentino, where a varied terrain means a myriad of grape varieties and wine styles can flourish quite near to each other. Sustainably produced, to the benefit of local growers, the wines of Cavit are balanced enough to please a crowd but exhibit all the nuance that someone with a sophisticated palate would look for.

To put it simply: Great wine at everyday price points help us live a more convivial and enjoyable life. Nearly everyone in Italy knows this — and there’s no reason we can’t share more of our sunny, relaxing moments over a lovely glass of wine here in Canada, too. Bring some friends or loved ones together and see for yourself.

Cavit Collection Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT
A laid-back and elegantly balanced wine, this Pinot Grigio is enjoyable on its own, for its mild aromas of apple and citrus, finishing with an appealing, refreshing and palate-cleansing acidity. That being said, it shines most brilliantly with food. Wine lovers value Pinot Grigio for its versatility; Cavit Collection Pinot Grigio delle Venezie demonstrates this laudable trait by pairing beautifully with cheese, poultry and seafood — or try it with key lime pie.

Cavit Collection Moscato Pavia IGT
When you open this mildly effervescent wine, sweet and fruity aromas greet the nose (peach and apricot), as well as sage. The finish carries just enough lemon-tinged acidity to balance the sweetness and make this a food-friendly Moscato. It goes splendidly with a wide range of dishes and desserts, especially those that combine fruity and savoury flavours — for example, cheesecake, or a salad of watermelon and feta, or (an Italian classic) prosciutto with melon.