Great beer and spirits for pickup and delivery

Great beer and spirits for pickup and delivery

If there’s anything we’ve learned after all these weeks of social distancing, it’s that stocking up on a favourite tipple is as essential to our sanity as filling up the pantry and shoring up on toilet paper. And there’s good news, too: many breweries, distilleries and courier companies are making it easier to nab an excellent bottle or brew for free home delivery or contact-free pickup. Here are five thirst-quenching options, plus how to get them fast, like really fast!

The Classic Ale

If you’re looking for a fresh take on a quintessentially English-style beer made with modern hops, look no further than Henderson’s Best, a frosty bestseller from the artisanal Henderson Brewing Company in the city’s west end. It’s refreshing and nicely malty, with amber ale colour and a mild floral nose. Well-balanced, smooth and easy drinking, it’s available for contact-free pick up at Henderson Brewery, 128a Sterling Rd, or even better, via home delivery at, or Runner.

The Homegrown Beauty

Levenswater Spring 34 is a beautifully complex, small-batch premium craft gin distilled in the Niagara region. Levenswater’s secret recipe is inspired by the sights, sounds and diversity of Toronto’s Kensington Market. It blends 34 exotic botanicals—including saffron, blood orange and lavender—to create a naturally rose-coloured gin with a fragrant floral and citrus nose, and a spicy finish. And the fine crystal flint bottle fastened with natural cork is classic, old-school chic. Available for delivery from, Runner or Storyteller.

The Warm Up

Originally created by bartender Martin Wilkes Heron in New Orleans in 1874, Southern Comfort rose to prominence for its sweet, luscious warmth, deep amber colour and intense notes of ripe apricot, peach, cinnamon, toasted wood, vanilla and spice. This smooth drinking whisky is great over ice with a lemon-lime spritzer or in a Southern Comfort manhattan. Order it for home delivery through Runner or Boozer.

The Clean Shot

A relative of the famous Pappy Van Winkle bourbon (it’s made at Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace Distillery using some of the same ingredients), this new small-batch vodka is distilled 10 dang times—and triple-filtered to boot—for a delicate and balanced profile with a clean taste and hints of vanilla. Serve it over ice with soda and a lemon wedge. Order it for home delivery through Runner or Boozer, on sale until April 26th.


The Good Cause

Picnic, a light table beer with Meyer Lemon zest, is Henderson’s new summer seasonal. This thirst-quenching table beer was originally brewed in April 2018, as part of their monthly Ides series.  This beer is clean and crisp upfront with a wash of citrus oil, rind and juice flavour. Perfect for a picnic, even if its at home. Available for pick-up at Henderson Brewing or delivery through the brewery or Runner.