Now, you can get your Girl Guide cookies at Metro

Now, you can get your Girl Guide cookies at Metro

The social-distancing solution to the cookie event of the season

For tens of thousands of Canadian girls and their families, Girl Guide cookies are a vital fundraiser. Let’s face it, the cookies themselves are pretty fundamental to the rest of us, too—and under normal circumstances, girls would be mobilizing a host of in-person sales efforts to make the cookies as ubiquitous in our neighbourhoods as daffodils and crocuses.

COVID-19 threatened to put an end to that. And that didn’t sit well with the folks at Metro. As part of a pledge to support local communities, particularly in times of great need, Metro stores are now helping Girl Guides of Canada sell all their cookies without jeopardizing the practice of social distancing. That’s why you can now find the chocolate and vanilla, nut-free and certified kosher sandwich cookies in Metro grocery stores across the city, with all proceeds from their sale going back to Girl Guides.

Girl Guide cookies are a tradition that dates back to 1927, when a guide leader in Regina packed homemade cookies for her daughters to sell as a way to raise money for uniforms and camping equipment.

In the decades since, the proceeds of cookie sales have allowed girls the chance to discover new interests, learn valuable leadership skills and make lasting friendships, as well as funding camps and events, and providing training and support for Guide leaders.

Apart from supporting this initiative, Metro and its network of stores and pharmacies have been providing essential services since the beginning of the pandemic. Through a recently launched Together We Can campaign, Metro is also donating a combined $1 million to its long-time community partners, Feed Ontario and United Way, so that they can distribute much-needed aid to regional agencies serving vulnerable Canadians.

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