Crustacean celebrations, Vaseline pie crusts, Sean Avery’s new bar

Crustacean celebrations, Vaseline pie crusts, Sean Avery’s new bar

The mayors of P.E.I. recommend partying with lobsters (Photo by Keven Law)

Plummeting lobster prices and reduced demand are prompting P.E.I. mayors to encourage the rest of the country to hold lobster parties to help out the east coast’s fishing industry. [CBC]

• Scientists offer tips on how to store chocolate, saying that the stuff can remain delicious for years if kept under the right temperatures and humidity levels (though why a box of chocolates would last more than a week in someone’s house is a mystery to us). [CP]

• Hockey star and former Vogue intern Sean Avery opens a bar and restaurant called Warren 77 in Tribeca. Decorated with hockey memorabilia and giant flat screen TVs, it looks like the GTA-born superstar is following in Gretzky’s footsteps. [New York Observer]

• Before they head for “rehab,” the Star’s drink columnists are churning out their last piece: a list of their alcohol-induced life lessons, all learned during their three years of mixing and mingling. Lesson number one? Vodka can be infused with anything. Here’s to your legacy, ladies. [Toronto Star]

• A food stylist shares her secrets on how to make food look scrumptious in commercials and cookbooks. Tricks of the trade include substituting glue for milk, procuring plastic ice cubes and using Vaseline to keep pie crusts from falling apart. [AM NY]