Couples that drink together stay together

Couples that drink together stay together

Relationship harmony in a glass (Image: Andrew Magill)

Here’s more alcohol news we can toast: in addition to helping people get their foot in the door, a little bit of booze could help a romantic relationship last, too. According to a new study from University of Buffalo and University of Mississippi researchers, couples that drink together feel “increased intimacy and decreased relationship problems the next day” compared to those who drink without their partner or, interestingly, not at all. Whether the partners drink heavily or lightly doesn’t matter so much, as long as they drink roughly the same amount together—though a bad hangover is never an aphrodisiac.

The study has a couple of caveats. For one, the test group was young—participants were 20 to 21 years of age—and it was composed mostly of college students. Throw a career and a couple of kids into the mix and it might be a different story. And, of the 69 heterosexual couples studied (how do they pick these numbers, anyway?), only seven of them were married.

Still, we can picture the T-shirts already. Alcohol: helping couples forget their contempt for one another since 2010.

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