Chef redefines “locavore” by making cheese out of his wife’s breast milk

Chef redefines “locavore” by making cheese out of his wife’s breast milk

Human breast milk cheese encrusted in maple syrup–glazed pumpkin seeds (Image:

A popular New York chef has managed to push the boundaries of the culinary world and the locavore movement at the same time. Daniel Angerer is now making cheese made from his wife’s breast milk at his NYC restaurant Klee Brasserie. The idea came eight weeks ago, when his wife began producing excess milk after giving birth. Since he went public with this invention, Angerer has discovered two things: human breast milk produces a surprisingly palatable cheese—like cow’s milk, only sweeter—and that media outlets can feed on this kind of story for weeks. Since Angerer posted his cheese story on his blog last month, it has gained attention from NBC, the Toronto Star and even the Big Money.

The chef is encrusting the cheese in maple syrup–glazed pumpkin seeds and rolling it in dehydrated porcini mushroom powder with burned onion chutney. For those looking to experiment, Angerer has provided a breast milk cheese recipe on his blog. And, apparently, there’s no need for a lactating mother; breast milk is available on-line (earlier this month, it was selling for $2 an ounce on Kijiji Toronto).

We have to admit that images of the cheese do look appetizing, once the mental gag reflex is suppressed.

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