Gusto 501 to host the “Chef Artois” finale

Gusto 501 to host the “Chef Artois” finale

Get your sneak peek of the finale here

On the “Chef Artois” finale we’re heading to Corktown, where Gusto 501 executive chef Elio Zannoni will judge two home cooks as they try to make two of his signature dishes: cavolo nero salad and orecchiette crime de rapa. It’s the final episode of our culinary miniseries in support of Rally for Restaurants, and the stakes are at an all-time high. Only one contestant will walk away with the $1,000 prize pack and the title of Chef Artois. 

Gusto 501 is the younger East End sibling to King West’s Gusto 101. While both restaurants share menus rooted in Italian tradition, Toronto’s newest Gusto wows diners with its modern flourishes. For the “Chef Artois” contenders, Zannoni has chosen two dishes for them to recreate, both Gusto classics.

First up is a stalwart Gusto starter, the cavolo nero salad. These days, kale salads are ubiquitous, but—long before cruciferous vegetables were hip—Gusto was one of the first restaurants in Toronto to reimagine this bitter green as a wow-worthy salad. An order of the cavolo nero salad comes tossed in lemony vinaigrette and topped with roasted pine nuts, zante currants and flurry of parmesan. 

The second dish Zannoni will be asking the home cooks to recreate is a seasonal Gusto offering, the orecchiette crime de rapa. This fresh pasta, topped with rapini, Andouille and Italian sausages, will require the contestants to hand roll ear-shaped pasta. Hopefully the home cooks listen carefully to Zannoni’s tips, since they’ll be making the orecchiette without a recipe.

Will the contestants be able to recreate these two Gusto plates with only 45 minutes on the clock and no time to prep? Get a taste of the cook-off action above—then come back to on October 28th for the full episode.