Fried chicken sandwiches are overtaking burgers as Toronto's juiciest new obsession on a bun. Here, our ranking of the city's best

13. Indie Ale House’s Shanghai Fried Chicken

An unexpected twist from this Junction brewpub, the Shanghai Fried Chicken sandwich pops with pickled daikon, sweet hoisin and a ginger-soy aïoli. $16. 2876 Dundas St. W., 416-760-9691,

12. Cluck Clucks’ Cluck Yeah!

Jalapeño-cheddar waffles are the subtly spicy base for the enthusiastically named Cluck Yeah! Dill mayo, chipotle aïoli and slaw are a bonus. $12.79. 222 The Esplanade,647-748-2582,

11. Kaboom’s KFC

The Korean fried chicken at this Riverside shop gets its punch from a sake, soy and garlic marinade, and a gochujang mayo under a thicket of crunchy coleslaw. $8. 722 Queen St. E., 416-546-9899,

10. Knuckle Sandwich’s Chipotle Honey Chicken

A slab of tender battered chicken is jazzed up with chipotle honey sauce and garlic aïoli, then stuffed into a massive sourdough bun finished with a roasted poblano pepper slaw. $11. 969 Coxwell Ave., 647-748-7999,

9. The Federal’s Old Standard

The heart-stopping Old Standard is coated in a fiery hot sauce, with bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles and aïoli on an English muffin. $12. 1438 Dundas St. W., 647-352-9120,

8. The Wren’s Mr. Pong

Sweet-and-sour chicken is topped with grilled peppers, onions and pickled jalapeños to create Mr. Pong’s Fried Chicken sand­wich, with a splash of watercress pesto and queso fresco aÏoli. $14.1382 Danforth Ave., 647-748-1382,

7. Beast’s Beastwich

A buttermilk biscuit can barely contain the Beastwich: a fried chicken thigh with a base layer of pimento cheese, a blanket of pork sausage gravy and a runny egg. $15. 96 Tecumseth St., 647-352-6000,

6. Kitson and Co.’s Kicky Chicken

Mayo spiked with Louisiana hot sauce is the finishing touch on this Parkdale sandwich-counter creation that stacks crispy chicken, kicky red cabbage slaw and sweet house-made pickles. $13. 1205 Queen St. W., 416-533-1205, @kitsonandcoto

5. Flock’s Fried Chicken Sammy

The Fried Chicken Sammy features Cory Vitiello’s fried-to-perfection poultry on a bed of crunchy slaw, slathered with avocado and hot sauce, and topped with a dill pickle spear. $10. 97 Harbord St., 647-748-7199,

4. Porchetta and Co.’s Korean Fried Chicken

This whopping Korean flavour bomb is drenched in sweet-and-spicy chili sauce with kimchee, lettuce, pickles, cilantro and zingy green onion–lime mayo. $9.45. 545 King St. W., ­647-351-8844; 825 Dundas St. W., 647-352-6611,

3. The Gabardine’s Classic Fried Chicken

Crunchy batter and super-moist bird meet sweet mayo, hot sauce, tangy dill pickles and crisp iceberg lettuce on a pillowy sesame seed bun. $20. 372 Bay St.,647-352-3211,

2. Bar Fancy’s Coco Bun

Two years after its debut, it’s still hard to top this crave-worthy off-menu item. The chicken is drizzled with honey mustard and kewpie mayo under sweet house-made pickles on a coconut milk bun. $12. 1070 Queen St. W., 416-546-1416, @barfancyto

Vicky Lam
1. P.G Cluck’s Classic

We’re obsessed with the one they call the Classic at this Little Italy cubbyhole. Juicy Nashville hot chicken gets its kick from a cayenne-infused paste before it’s layered onto a sweet-potato bun with tangy coleslaw, bread-and-butter pickles, buttermilk ranch dressing and fermented chili sauce. $7. 610 College St., 647-925-2226,