A selection of summer sippers to quench any thirst

A selection of summer sippers to quench any thirst

Beverages to pair with sunny weather, cool lakes and outdoor fun

This sure is the weirdest summer in recent memory, but the core elements are intrinsically the same: we still have great weather, great lakes, plentiful barbecuing time, beautiful urban parks, sandy provincial beaches and, of course, good company—albeit the bubble kind. All that’s missing are these beverages to quench your summery thirst.Josh wine bottle

For the rosé all day vibe: Josh Cellars Rosé 

This phenomenal California rosé is made for summer: it bursts with a bouquet and aromas of fresh strawberries, white flowers and peach that turn into mouth-watering citrus and stone fruit flavours on the palate and culminates in a clean, dry finish. $18.95 for 750ml at the LCBO and available for delivery from Runner.

Georgian Bay strawberry gin soda can


For the fruity bubbly aficionado: Georgian Bay Strawberry Smashed Soda

The great-tasting, low-calorie alternative to most hard sodas is a refreshing blend of Georgian Bay craft gin, soda, natural flavours like strawberry and a hint of peppercorn. It’s well balanced, subtly sweetened, flavourfully complex—and new to the shelves of the liquor store. $3.05 for 473ml can at the LCBO and available for delivery from Runner.

Georgian Bay raspberry rhubarb vodka can


For the vodka cocktail lover: Georgian Bay Raspberry Rhubarb Vodka Smash

Georgian Bay Spirit Co. delivers smashing taste with this craft-cocktail-in-a-can. The winning ingredient is Georgian Bay craft vodka. It delivers fresh raspberry and citrus notes up front, with a crisp, dry rhubarb finish. The perfect pairing to a sunny day on the patio. $3.05 for 473ml can at the LCBO and available for delivery from Runner.

Muskoka spirits mixer pack

For the mix-and-match fan: Muskoka Spirits Hard Sparkling Water Mixer Pack

Ah, the feeling of cedar Muskoka decks, glistening lakes and a loon call: Muskoka Spirits new Hard Sparkling Water brings you the spirit of cottage country with a combination of delicious flavours and wildly refreshing zing, all in a no-guilt mixer pack of 100-calorie, zero-sugar, vodka-based beverages. $9.95 for four 355 ml cans at the LCBO.

Aperitivo Spritz pack

For a taste of southern Italy: Distilleria Amalfi Aperitivo Spritz

Inspired by aperitivo hour on the Amalfi Coast—which is not just a tradition but a veritable style of drinking— this sublimely light and bittersweet spritz is made from real sparkling wine and a unique infusion of burnt orange and tangerine peels, blended with roots and herbs. It also has fewer calories than a traditional bar-mixed recipe. $12.95 for four 355ml bottles at the LCBO and available for delivery from Runner.

Premium California wine box


For the delicious convenience of it all: Stel + Mar Rosé

Delivered in a coolly designed, eminently portable container, this California rosé is bursting with aromas of fresh watermelon and hints of strawberry, with bright red berry fruit, melon and apricot flavours. Refreshing and dry, it’s medium-bodied with balanced acidity—perfect poolside, lakeside or in the garden. $45.95 for six 500ml bottles at the LCBO.

Good Sunday dry gin soda can

For proof that gin is perfect for the season: Good Sunday Dry Gin Grapefruit Soda

Childhood friends Christian Karayannides and Dylan Corson set out to create a gin soda that’s low in alcohol without compromising flavour. Crafted using a squeeze of grapefruit juice, fresh carbonated water and local small-batch gin, Good Sunday delivers perfectly balanced citrus, crisp acidity and a dry finish. With just 110 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can—you won’t regret your weekend. $2.95 for 473ml at the LCBO and available for delivery from Runner.

Ungava gin bottle

For a totally singular blend of botanicals: Ungava Premium Gin

Crafted with hand-foraged Arctic botanicals from the northern-most point in Quebec, Ungava is a bright, lively gin with a hint of spice and floral with an exceptionally smooth finish. Its botanicals are steeped for five weeks to give the gin its signature yellow colour and unmatched flavour. Try Ungava on the rocks with a touch of soda or in your favourite gin cocktail. $36.95 for 750ml at the LCBO and available for delivery from Runner.


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