The Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 11

The Being Erica BS Detector: Season 3, Episode 11

The whole season has been building up to it. On some level, we always knew it was going to happen (we even know what it looks like, thanks to Erica’s graphic sex fantasies). And now finally it has. Erica and Adam are together. Like real-life together, not “let’s hook up on a desert island in an alternate reality” together. Apparently he cares about her more than he’s ever cared about any woman in his life. Now—sigh—if only we cared about them.

Admit it, Juli-ent (our name for the inevitable coupling of Julianne and Brent) have more chemistry in their perfectly pedicured feet than Ericadam do in their entire beings. (For the record, we are also more interested in Judith’s non-affair, Sam and Lenin’s bird/fish romance and the sexual renaissance of Mr. and Mrs. Strange.) So send Adam back to Beatrice already, and let our girl loose.

The two best parts of this week’s episode can be summed up in one word: make-over. The scene where Adam must clean up his near-derelict apartment in preparation for a date was like porn for clean freaks. And Ivan’s transition from un-bear-able slob to fur-wearing fashion plate, well, we haven’t been that excited since Julia Roberts hit Rodeo Drive.

As far as critique goes, we’ve already been pretty clear on this point: we don’t like it when Being Erica goes too serious. Trips into Adam’s abuse-ridden adolescence are nowhere near as fun as watching Julianne square off against Jay Manuel. The Lady Gaga dis was classic. Though personally, we thought Jules looked a little more like Michael Jackson.

Hoping for more Jay next week. In the meantime, does anyone disagree with our assessment of Adam and Erica? All those in favour, state your case below.