Spotted at TIFF: Mary J. Blige goes to Pablo, Charlie Hunnam tells off stalkers

Spotted at TIFF: Mary J. Blige goes to Pablo, Charlie Hunnam tells off stalkers

It’s only Tuesday, but stars are already hopping on flights back home, getting (politely) frustrated with super-fans and refuelling with some very rich cheese tarts. Here, everywhere celebs have been spotted around the city recently.

James Franco went to Strombo’s house:

#jamesfranco #thedisasterartist #TIFF17 #jamesfrancolove ❤

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Tony Goldwyn and Diane Lane drank self-portraits:

Diane and I had our portraits done in cappuccino this morning. Whadya think? #tiff2017 #MarkFelt

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Gary Oldman, Tony Clifton and Jim Carrey showed off their best sad faces:

Kate Winslet bid us farewell at Pearson:

So did Emma Stone (who looks like she’s flying Air Canada):

Rachel Weisz was at Lavelle:

Andy Serkis (a.k.a. Gollum) signed an old DVD:

Andy Serkis, Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield!! #tiff2017

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Jacqueline Poirier (a.k.a. The Crazy Plate Lady) painted Jake Gyllenhaal‘s portrait:

Mary J. Blige got in on all that Pablo Cheese Tart hype:

Charlie Hunnam (quite fairly) refuses to sign any more autographs to people he’s “seen a lot”:

Claire Foy hung out at the Storys Building:

Foy and Andrew Garfield made silly faces with Joshua Horowitz:

Garfield also stopped by Brassai:

So did Angelina Jolie:

And Garrett Hedlund:

This fan was pumped to see Stepbrothers star Richard Jenkins:

Its the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!! At #tiff17

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Simon Baker was hunted down outside Rodney’s Oyster House:

@Regrann from @fan_simonbaker – ?? New ?? Simon Baker (The Mentalist) this morning , Sep. 11 Shared by Lake Skwaryk (fb) ••• #SimonBaker #snappytoes #Tiff #TIFF17 – #regrann

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Dominic Cooper was also spotted after lunch:

Nicolas Cage (like nearly every other actor) stopped by The Fix:

And signed some autographs outside of MEC (he caused a bit of a stir):

Was so cool to meet one of my favourite actors #nicolascage ??

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Diane Lane signed a nine-lite bottle of Moët and Chandon, which will be auctioned off to support TIFF’s talent development programs for women in the film industry:

Nicole Kidman was at the Thompson:

#Lion should have won the Oscar. Low key #NicoleKidman agrees ? #TIFF17

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Julianne Moore walked with her bodyguards:

Julianne Moore at #tiff17

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Sebastien Roberts partied at Liberty Commons:

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Akon hung out at the Four Seasons:

@cubagoodingjr and @akon @fstoronto #cubagoodingjr #akon #funtimes

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Drake was there, too:

Drake ! My best shot to date ! @torontolife @raptors @karina.santos_ @karinagpaiva @fourseasons

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Jason Biggs stole some sweets from Momofuku:

@biggsjason has always had a thing for sweets ? #TIFFYouWantIt #YouCanHaveIt

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Alicia Vikander snapped pics with a fan at RBC House:

– NEW | Alicia at the Variety Studio at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2017! ? #aliciavikander

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Shia LaBoeuf got caught in the rain:

Benedict Cumberbatch promised some loyal fans he’d return:

And Javier Barden was stopped for a selfie outside of Momofuku:

Very cool meeting #JarvierBardem !! #skyfall #nocountryforoldman #brideoffrankenstein

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