Spotted at TIFF 2017: Jake Gyllenhaal holds a puppy and Roland Møller gets a blister

As TIFF kicks into high gear, the celebs keep rolling in. Stars are running all around the city on their way to premieres, interviews, photo shoots, press junkets and, in the case of Charlie Hunnam and Roland Møller, Shoppers Drug Mart for some blister bandages.

Jason Sudeikis, casually clad in a brown leather backpack and baseball cap, strolled into Brassaii:


Priyanka Chopra, slightly more dressed up, also stopped by the restaurant for an interview:


Grace Jones sipped champagne at Saks Fifth Avenue with marketing director Shayne Stephens:


Shia LaBoeuf looked fed up with everyone’s crap:



He seems happier with some fans here:


Drake arrived at the Ritz for a pre-TIFF reception for The Carter Effect, the Vince Carter doc in which he makes an appearance:


While in the back of a car, Charlie Hunnam and Roland Møller chatted about outfit choices and the perils of Gucci shoes:


Lady Gaga rocked towering stilettos to sign some autographs en route to a press conference for her film Five Foot Two. She gave a very claw-like wave (and later, loaded up on some TIFF-branded caffeine):


Touching down in Toronto, Margot Robbie paid a visit to one of Toronto’s fine underground parking lots:



Douglas Booth and Bel Powley, who co-star in Mary Shelley with Elle Fanning, are on their way from London in a fancy-looking plane:


Last but certainly not least, Jake Gyllenhaal held an exceptionally adorable puppy at a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly:


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