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Given the pressures of modern travel, it can be easy to wave goodbye to your fitness routine at the departure gate. We chat with two of the trainers from Evolve Functional Fitness, a premium digitally delivered fitness program, as they share their top travel tips and show you just how easy it is to take your workouts with you wherever you go. You were built to move, and Evolve was built to keep you moving.



Q: How do you fit in a workout whenrebecca-350 you’re travelling?

A: I try my best to schedule the workouts into my mornings or at the end of the day. If it’s part of my schedule from the start, I’ll stick to it. Laying out my workout clothes and creating a playlist ahead of time also makes me look forward to breaking a sweat. Even if there’s no gym in the hotel, I’ll use my Evolve app and am good to go.

Q: What’s your favourite grab-and-go snack at the airport?

A: I’d suggest fruit or a garden salad. Both are high in water content and will help with swelling, which often occurs while travelling.

Q: Why use Evolve while you’re on the go?

A: It’s for everyone, at every level and doesn’t require any equipment. You can choose the length and type of workout and who you train with. It’s perfect for a hotel room and it’s the no-excuse tool for everyone that travels and doesn’t have a gym, class or personal trainer.


brent-350Q: How often do you travel and where do you go?

A: I’m a west coast kid at heart so I often travel to Los Angeles and Vancouver but I also take a few international trips every year along with fitness excursions to Costs Rica, Tanzania and Southeast Asia.

Q: What are some easy ways to fit exercise into your airport routine?

A: There are lots of ways to keep your body moving while you’re waiting around. Seated glute stretches are easy and discrete; place one ankle across the top of the opposite knee and hold. You can also stretch your postural muscles by rolling your shoulders back and down and squeezing the blades together. Walking up and down the aisle on a long flight also lets you stretch out your legs and increase your blood flow.

Q: What do you use to compliment a travel-heavy lifestyle?

A: Evolve is my ultimate travel fitness tool. I get the motivation, variety and a guided workout to complete based on the time I have available. The travel pack feature is also great when I’m out of a wi-fi zone – I can pre-download Evolve workout programs, minimizing any excuses and maximizing accessibility.


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