What to watch on Netflix Canada this week

Plus what’s on Prime Video, Crave, Paramount Plus and Disney Plus

By Patricia Karounos
What to watch on Netflix Canada this week
The Midnight Club on Netflix

The season for non-stop spooky content is upon us. Debuting this week are The Midnight Club, the latest haunting tale from genre stalwart Mike Flanagan, and Werewolf by Night, an unconventional Marvel special inspired by old-school monster movies. If you need to break up the screams with some laughs, there’s the new Halloween-themed season of Nailed It! as well as the coming-of-age horror-comedy Reginald the Vampire. Here are our picks for the most notable titles streaming on Netflix, Prime Video, Crave, Paramount Plus and Disney Plus this week. 

Nailed It! (Season 7) 

This reality baking competition series is doubling up on synergy for its seventh season: the latest batch of episodes are all Halloween-themed and feature an array of spooky challenges. Plus, they’ll feature guest stars from other popular Netflix series, including The Umbrella Academy and Cobra Kai. Now streaming 

Derry Girls (Season 3)

This laugh-out-loud Irish comedy about a group of teens navigating adolescence in the ’90s, toward the end of the Troubles, is back for its final season. Fans can expect more of the same goofy antics from the quintet of best friends they’ve come to know and love, with perhaps a bit more sentimentality knowing that this is goodbye—at least for now. October 7 

Luckiest Girl Alive

In this mystery-thriller adapted from Jessica Knoll’s bestselling novel, Mila Kunis stars as Ani, a woman with an Instagram-perfect life: dream job, dream wardrobe and a Nantucket wedding soon to come. But all of that careful curation is threatened when a true-crime documentary director seeks an interview with Ani about an incident that happened at her prestigious high school, forcing her to confront her dark past. October 7 

The Midnight Club 

This terrifying series is set at a hospice for terminally ill young adults and follows eight patients who come together every night to tell scary stories. The group makes a pact, promising that the next person who dies must give the others a sign from the afterlife. If all of this still doesn’t sound creepy enough, the project is from Mike Flanagan, the horror maven behind other genre hits like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass. October 7

The Mole

Imagine being a contestant in a reality competition series, tasked with completing a series of challenges alongside your fellow contestants to add money to a pot that only one of you will win. Sounds straightforward, right? But that’s not all this show—a reboot of the early-2000s series hosted by Anderson Cooper—has in store. One of the competitors is secretly a “mole,” and their only goal is to sabotage the group’s efforts. October 7 

Reginald the Vampire 

Reginald (Jacob Batalon of Spider-Man) has been having a tough time in this horror-comedy series. He’s stuck in a job he hates, his manager is a bully and he’s in love with a woman he can’t be with. But, when he’s suddenly turned into a vampire, he has a chance to turn his life around—if he’s not killed by other vampires first. Now streaming

Catherine Called Birdy 

For her latest movie, Lena Dunham takes a trip to medieval England. The coming-of-age comedy follows the rambunctious Lady Catherine (Bella Ramsey), nicknamed Birdy, the youngest child of a family on the brink of financial ruin. To try to fix their situation, her father (Andrew Scott) becomes determined to marry his daughter off to a wealthy older man—something Birdy does not want at all. October 7 

Let the Right One In 

Inspired by both the Swedish novel and the film of the same name, this horror series follows Mark (Demián Bichir) and Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez), a father-daughter duo whose lives were forever changed a decade ago, when Eleanor turned into a vampire. Now stuck in time, Eleanor is allowed to go out only at night, and her father tries to get her the human blood she needs to survive. October 7 

Significant Other 

In this sci-fi thriller, young couple Ruth (Maika Monroe) and Harry (Jake Lacy) should be enjoying some romantic one-on-one time while on a remote backpacking trip in the Pacific Northwest. But they soon begin to suspect they’re not alone, and their adventure takes a very unexpected turn. October 7 

Werewolf by Night

This eerie Marvel TV special—inspired by throwback creature features—follows a group of monster hunters gathering after the death of their leader. Upon meeting, they face off in a deadly competition to win control of a powerful relic, which ultimately brings them face-to-face with a dangerous creature. Gael García Bernal stars. October 7



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