VIDEO: Doug Ford explains to the mayor why some people move away from home

VIDEO: Doug Ford explains to the mayor why some people move away from home

Rob and Doug Ford released their fifth batch of Ford Nation YouTube videos today. This time, rather than tackle topical issues like whether or not Kevin Spacey is an SOB, the bros respond to some viewer mail.

At one point they read a letter from someone named Anthony, who says he’s originally from Michigan, but now resides in San Francisco. And that’s when Rob gets confused. As a lifelong Toronto resident, except for a brief stint at Carelton University—and, we’d add, as a child of wealth and a guy whose friends and siblings tend to live with their parents—he’s convinced all this “moving away from home” business is an American thing. Doug takes it upon himself to explain, and the whole exchange develops into a sort of closet drama of unexamined privilege. Depending upon where you come down on Ford, it will either charm or terrify you. Here’s a transcript (and the video is above).

Rob: So, maybe you can explain this, Doug. You’ve spent a lot of time in the States. It seems like, I was born in Toronto, I went to school in Toronto, and I live in Toronto. But it seems like it’s different in the States. They’re born here, but they end up living somewhere else. Or, they go to university somewhere else.

Doug: That’s traditionally the situation, because the country’s so massive. And there’s job opportunities everywhere. They’re born in one area, live maybe in a couple places. Some people live in the same city, then they go to college in another town, then they get a job and they move throughout the country. That’s just the makeup of the country.

Rob: Is that how the economy works? That’s interesting.