Toronto G20: all the security of the Olympics, no cool fashion trends

Toronto G20: all the security of the Olympics, no cool fashion trends

See? Everything is more fun with hats (Harper by Kashmera)

G20 organizers have released more details about security for the summit. Right now, it sounds intense. There will be an inner security zone around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, which will be protected by an “unscalable” fence rising at least three metres. Anyone wanting to get through will have to pass a “five-tier system of security,” according to the Star.

As we reported last week, anyone needing to pass through the larger, outer security zone will have less trouble if they register in advance. Reports said the area could stretch as far north as Queen Street, to Yonge and Spadina on the east and west sides, and south to the Gardiner. On the bright side, Const. Ed Boltuc of the RCMP says it will likely be smaller than that.

Still, to get a sense of the magnitude of the operation, Boltuc said:

The Olympics that you saw recently in Vancouver was actually the largest security event ever to take place here in Canada. The G20/G8 surpasses that completely. There’s going to be a massive—absolutely massive—presence of police and security on the ground like you’ve never seen before.

This whole thing might be easier to swallow if it came with some iconic accessories. G20 sun visors, perhaps?

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