Toronto had a blast gawking at the World Naked Bike Ride

Toronto had a blast gawking at the World Naked Bike Ride

A pantsless peloton hit the streets of Toronto for Saturday’s World Naked Bike Ride, an annual global event where cyclists go au naturel to raise awareness for bike safety and environmentally friendly transportation policy. (One slogan: “Less gas, more ass.”) The mostly bare-bottomed bikers—nudity is not required, but most participants seemed to catch the spirit—hit Trinity Bellwoods, Kensington Market, Yorkville, Queens Park, the downtown core and other high-traffic areas, catching brunchers, motorists, tourists and other onlookers by surprise. Social media was invented for just such occasions: here’s a roundup of shots that are mostly safe for work, depending on work’s tush tolerance.

Photographs taken in side profile were the most tasteful way to go: 

World Naked Bike Day in Toronto #worldnakedbikeride ??? в Торонто прошел Голый Велопарад – протест против глобальной автомобилизации и загрязнения воздуха ?? подобный заезд уже несколько лет проходит во многих городах мира – в Лондоне, в Чикаго, в Сан-Франциско, вот и в Торонто ?? неоднозначное мероприятие, конечно, но протест – это всегда дело такое #огомывторонто #удивительноерядом #торонто #канада #torontocanada #toronto_insta #toronto #canada #lessgasmoreass #nakedbike #nakedbikeride #wnbr

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The riders staged in Coronation Park. (The queen must be exceptionally chuffed.) 

This user captured the sentiment of most unexpecting onlookers: 

Naked people! On bikes! #nakedbikeride

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Safety first! One rider paused to stop traffic at College and Spadina: 

#buttsbuttsbutts #nakedbikeride #nakedbikeride2017 #toronto #yyz #collegeandspadina

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Let’s remember why we’re all here: 

Saw this on my walk last week. So much chuckling took place. Well done #nakedbikeride #toronto #canada #bikestagram

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Today more than ever, watch out for those streetcar tracks: 

Distracted from window shopping. #notheaveragerider #nakedbikeride #tdot

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Waving to the crowd at Yonge and Wellesley: 

This brunch came with a side of casual nudity (and NSFW audio): 

#nakedbikeride #powwowcafe #kensignton @brygardont @esjs

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This small child has no idea what to make of it all: 

Naked bike ride!! #pridemonth #nakedbikeride #queenstreetwest #queerstreetwest #rowieadventures #howyoubean

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It must have taken some nerve to interrupt this Yorkville brunch: 

Meanwhile in Canada… brunch is interrupted… #toronto #nakedbikeride #apparentlyitsathing

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Butts as far as the eye can see: 

You really never know what you're going to see on Queen St.!!! #nudists #nakedbikeride #coveryoureyes #bikers

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Here’s how it looked from up above: 

Naked people riding bicycles. ??‍♀️?

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And here’s how it looked from a gridlocked Lake Shore Boulevard: 

Naked bike ride takes over lake shore. #nakedbikeride

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