Today in Toronto: Iphigenia in Tauris, the Kira Callahan Quartet and more

Chi of Shaolin: The Tale of the Dragon A thief left for dead after a failed robbery is helped by a Shaolin monk in this Cirque du Soleil–meets–martial arts piece, which showcases the choreographic talents of Chinese acrobat Yan Yan Zhan. Find out more »

From Thine Eyes Saskatchewan-born actor Michael Greyeyes is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer, often embarking on projects that explore his Cree heritage. This work follows six characters who have recently died; when they meet in a limbo-like environment, they are forced to revisit their pasts in search of meaning. Find out more »

Iphigenia in Tauris Met star Susan Graham sings her signature role of Iphigenia, the Greek princess-turned-priestess forced to sacrifice her brother Orestes (sung by baritone Russell Braun, in another feat of inspired casting). Find out more »

Sleepy Eyes Those who find dewy-eyed baby dolls unsettling—and who doesn’t, really?—will meet a kindred spirit in photographer Fausta Facciponte. Her jarring close-ups of vintage dolls’ heads, with their glassy stares and incorruptible rosebud mouths, are a captivating exploration of the sinister side of cute. Find out more »

The Kira Callahan Quartet The Bata Shoe Museum is kicking it up a notch in honour of its current prohibition era–themed exhibit, The Roaring ’20s: Heels, Hemlines and High Spirits. It has enlisted Toronto jazz kitten Kira Callahan to work her magic with some bathtub gin–inspired classics from the ’20s and ’30s Find out more »

Tribute to John Coltrane Every year The Rex pays homage to the jazz world’s most influential sax player, a groundbreaking composer who died at the age of 40. Local saxophonists Pat LaBarbera and Kirk MacDonald take on the challenge of saluting the giant, leading a program of some of Coltrane’s most iconic works. Find out more »


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