Today in Toronto: Angela Gheorghiu, James Lahey and Tafelmusik

Angela Gheorghiu Beautiful, glamorous and awesomely talented (her singing reportedly reduced flinty conductor Georg Solti to tears), Angela Gheorghiu makes her Toronto debut with this concert. Find out more »

Antagonist… For more than 20 years, Ballet Creole has celebrated a style it calls “creolization,” a blending of Caribbean and African dance and music. Find out more »

Beethoven Symphony Number 9 Tafelmusik has wrought its period-band magic on all of Beethoven’s symphonies, except the monumental ninth, his last. Expect a rousing climax as the Chamber Choir tackles the famous Ode to Joy. Find out more »

James Lahey A protean painter who has applied his impeccable technique to flowers, clouds and skulls, James Lahey is exploring new directions. Find out more »

Laura Letinsky Very little happens in Laura Letinsky’s puzzling still-life photographs. A bowl holds an octopus, its tentacles slopping over the edge; smashed cupcakes litter a tablecloth. Find out more »


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