This family makes $105,000 a year. How are they spending and saving it?

This family makes $105,000 a year. How are they spending and saving it?

Who Alina Schwarz, Mario Epaminondas and their three-year-old daughter, Amaia
What they do He’s an e-commerce merchandise manager and stock investor, she’s a full-time mom
What they make $105,000 a year
Where they live A two-bedroom condo downtown

Regular Expenses

Mortgage $2,300 a month.

Cell phone $200 a month, for unlimited talk and text, with Telus.

Cable and internet $100 a month, with Bell.

Car $200 a month: $100 for gas and $100 for insurance. “Gas was $50 a month, but with prices rising and us taking more trips to North York with Amaia to see my parents, it has doubled,” says Mario.

Groceries $950 a month. “We shop organic and vegan, mainly from Loblaws. Ever since Amaia was born, we’ve been insistent on eating healthy,” says Mario.

Eating out $200 a month, at Fresh, Cactus Club and Planta Yorkville. “We’re both foodies, and we go out for dinner every other week,” says Alina.

Baby supplies $100 a month, for books, toys and clothes for Amaia.

Pet expenses $100 a month, for toys and treats, for their dog, Mac.

Monthly Savings

House fund $1,500. “We’d like to buy a house in the next two to three years. The condo is only 750 square feet, so when Amaia gets a bit older, we’ll need more space,” says Mario.

School fund $600. “We’re putting money into a dedicated account for Amaia,” says Alina. “We’re aiming to save $20,000 so she can go to a Montessori or private school.”

Car fund $400. “We drive an old Nissan Altima,” says Mario. “It runs well, but we want something gas efficient, maybe a hybrid.”

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