Ten things Sarah Gadon can’t live without

Ten things Sarah Gadon can’t live without

She’s the new face of Giorgio Armani Beauty, and her upcoming thriller, The 9th Life of Louis Drax, hits screens later this year. Here, the 10 things she can’t live without

(Image: Getty Images)
(Image: Getty Images)
My new Volkswagen Golf It’s my first car, and I love it. It’s perfect for city driving and also really easy to park—which is great because I’m not the best driver.

My pour-over coffee makers I use a glass contraption called a Chemex in my kitchen at home, and I travel with a smaller pour-over system from the Japanese brand Hario. In Toronto, I get my fix at Boxcar Social in Rosedale.
My French eyeglasses I came across some gorgeous Céline frames in Paris, and hemmed and hawed about buying them, but then ended up walking away. Back home, I stumbled across the same pair at Spectacle on Queen West. I figured it was fate and snapped them up.
My Cassavetes box set I fell in love with John Cassavetes’ work when I saw the 1968 drama Faces in a film class a few years ago. I was excited to find this Criterion Collection set on Blu-Ray. There’s something satisfyingly tactile about physically owning a movie instead of just renting it on iTunes.
My chocolate orange peels I never go a day without eating chocolate, and Soma is my favourite chocolatier. Years ago, when they first opened in the Distillery District, I became obsessed with their chocolate-covered orange peels. They taste like a classier version of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.
My orange backpack I used to carry a lot of giant purses, but they mess up your back. My boyfriend gave me this Brooks England knapsack. The more beat-up it gets, the better it looks.
My candles Because I travel a lot, I’m always recreating my home in different cities. Candles help. Le Labo has a scent called Santal—it’s kind of masculine, and it smells amazing.
My alarm clock It’s this tiny blue travel clock by Mondo, a design brand from Japan. I bought it because I was developing an unhealthy relationship with my phone—I used it as my alarm, which meant keeping it next to me 24 hours a day. Now I turn my phone off at night.
My Polaroids People love Polaroids, especially in social settings, so I’ve started bringing my camera with me on trips or nights out with friends. Then I’ll put the photos in order and number them, like little comic-strip stories.
My Greenhouse juices I live near the shop, and I spend way too much money there. I blend their almond milk with frozen bananas and a powdered peanut butter called PB2. It’s the best freakin’ peanut butter milkshake you’ve ever had.


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