Spotted: a photo of what may be Rob Ford in his pyjamas at Walmart

Spotted: a photo of what may be Rob Ford in his pyjamas at Walmart

(Image: Lanny Ferreira)

We’ve learned that this photo, which purports to be Rob Ford in his jammies in line at Walmart, has been immortalized in a new book. The picture circled the Internet late last year and now appears in People of Walmart: Of the People, by the People, for the People, which is a follow-up to People Of Walmart: Shop and Awe. (Both books are offshoots of the popular website that highlights the often, um, eclectic sartorial stylings of Walmart shoppers.)

Here’s the caption, introducing American readers to Toronto’s mayor:

Let me take a minute and introduce everyone to Rob Ford. Now you are probably asking yourself “Okay? Who is Rob Ford?”— great question. Rob Ford is the mayor of Toronto (that’s in Canada for all you non-hockey fans). Now I’ve never been to Toronto, but I think it’s now safe to assume that every person in the city of Toronto could be on If this is their mayor out in his jammies, then I have to believe every other Torontonian dresses as if they should be on our site! I’m sorry guys, blame your leader for this one.

If this is indeed an image of Mayor Ford picking up groceries in his sleep attire (and, after spending several minutes peering at our computer screen, we have serious doubts), our reaction is exactly that of the pink-hatted, open-mouthed girl in the photo: dumbfounded confusion.