Rob Ford has declared today Bob Marley Day

Rob Ford has declared today Bob Marley Day

A lot of people seem to be enjoying the fact that Rob Ford officially declared today Bob Marley Day, and admittedly it is kind of funny. This is a guy who is now known internationally for his reggae dance moves (see above) and his oddly perfect command of Jamaican patois, so the Marley connection is all too appropriate. What most don’t realize, though, is that Ford has declared Bob Marley Day during every year of his mayoralty. In fact, the citywide observance predates him: Mel Lastman and David Miller both proclaimed Bob Marley Day on an annual basis.

So, as funny as it is to suppose that a daylong tribute to Bob Marley is just Ford’s personal preference, that’s not really the case. In fact, the city has dozens of these almost-holidays every year. Most of them are requested by different community organizations and then rubber-stamped by the mayor’s office as a matter of courtesy. Here are a few other special days Ford has been roped into declaring over the course of his mayoralty.

Red Tape Awareness Week: A government observance that calls the need for governance into question.

World Plumbing Day: It would be funny if this were a plumber-appreciation thing, but actually it’s part of a World Plumbing Council campaign to bring safe drinking water to developing countries.

Feral Cat Awareness Day: Rob Ford loves kitties.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Awareness Day: Uptake has been hampered somewhat by the fact that Hallmark can’t fit the name on any greeting cards.