Porsche Drive: The Intersection of Craftsmanship and Convenience

Porsche Drive: The Intersection of Craftsmanship and Convenience

The subscription-based car service chose Toronto as its first Canadian host

Between seasons and neighbourhoods, Torontonains choose to get around in many different ways. Summer in Leslieville is a cyclist’s dream, while the streetcar is a saving grace during April showers in Midtown. Needless to say, we love our freedom to choose. For drivers in the city, that freedom comes in the form of Porsche Drive, the membership program offering a new way to access high-performing vehicles from the Porsche fleet. Piloting the Canadian market in Toronto (including the GTA), Porsche Drive seamlessly intersects the craftsmanship of a Porsche with the convenience of a smartphone app. Here’s everything you need to know:

Hesitant to buy? Rent or subscribe! 

Porsche Drive is the traditional car rental service reimagined. It’s hassle-free and puts you in the driver’s seat, both literally and figuratively. After downloading the Porsche Drive app, it’s as simple as choosing the vehicle that best suits your needs, scheduling your white-glove delivery and shifting the gear in drive. With daily and weekly rental options, members can book a Porsche on demand from $319/day. In the age when just about anything is available for purchase online, why do it any other way? 

Complementing the convenience of Porsche Drive – Rental is the flexibility of Porsche Drive – Subscription. A monthly subscription service that gives members the freedom to drive the Porsche that suits their mood and includes unlimited flips, insurance and maintenance. Opt in your 911 for a Cayenne during the winter months, or your Macan for a fully electric Taycan just in time for May long-weekend—the choice is yours at a low-commitment of one or three months. Another unique feature is the privilege to freeze your monthly subscription at any time—take notes streaming services. The convenience and price-point of Porsche Drive is attractive to a demographic less likely to buy and more inclined to subscribe—truly raising the bar when it comes to brand accessibility. With the touch of a button, your next vehicle purchase just might be a subscription. 

A fleet at your fingertips

Without question, what’s most exciting about this program is, of course, the level of craftsmanship available at your fingertips. With rental and single-vehicle subscriptions, members can access cars like the Panamera. This sleek sedan has the silhouette and proportions that make it unmistakably Porsche, but with four doors and a roomy trunk, it delivers unmatched comfort and practicality. For social beings with packed bags for a weekend getaway, the Macan is an elevated SUV turned sports car. It’s design makes for a full-sensory driving experience, and includes Porsche Connect—the management display in your control centre for audio, navigation, and communication. These are just to name a few. Not to mention members of the multi-vehicle subscription service have access to the entire Porsche fleet, plus the Taycan—the fully-electric sports car that’s impossible to take your eyes off of.  

This is only the beginning  

Embracing technological innovation, curating convenience and doing it all without compromising driving performance is very much part of the Porsche brand. Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada says that it boils down to the fact that “consumers enjoy the flexibility of on-demand services,” and that “with a history of fostering innovation, the brand is keen to provide an exclusive experience with Porsche Drive.” In addition, the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainable transformation should indicate that Porsche is one to constantly raise the bar. What Porsche Drive is ultimately offering consumers in the GTA is an on-boarding for the future. A future that approaches automobile rentals and ownership in new and evolutionary ways. 

Learn more about Porsche Drive and download the app here