Perhaps Conrad Black was just not loved enough

Perhaps Conrad Black was just not loved enough

With a mere two weeks to go before his scheduled self-surrender, Conrad Black could take solace of a sort in the words of three relatively well meaning chroniclers over the weekend. The Irish columnist Ruth Dudley Edwards—long a bona fide FOB—elicited the following stiff-upper-lip missive:

“The place I have been assigned to is relatively good and if I do go there, they will ask me to teach. I almost always hated teachers, but I guess it’s an elite occupation in a prison. We are very confident of winning at least part of the appeal, and of sharply reducing time served. My book about this outrage is almost ready, so if I must go, I will not be going quietly. It’s like back to boarding school, without, one dares to assume, the tedium and indignity of corporal punishment.”

To which Ms. Edwards responded approvingly, “I’m looking forward to the noise before he marches through the prison gate.”

I for one can’t wait for a column or two from behind the wire espousing the merits of his “elite occupation”—hello, Mr. Chips!

In other quarters, Black’s dim view of the DOJ received a bucking up from Steve Skurka in the Post—a short excerpt from a book along those same lines titled, appropriately enough, Tilted. And a physician—Dr. Gabor Maté—specializing in addiction claims Black’s greed for fame and power emerged from an unhappy childhood—overcompensation for a lack of unconditional love.

Doc, methinks you’re banging on the wrong door.

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