How Nicola Wealth challenges conventional wealth management

How Nicola Wealth challenges conventional wealth management

With its keen understanding of the financial industry and its rules and regulations, this investment firm practices a specialized approach for every stage of a client’s journey

A good wealth manager provides clients with ways to meet their financial goals that go far beyond just investing. They also show them how to grow and maintain their wealth and how to establish a legacy through passing that wealth on, whether to family or through philanthropy. Yet many high-net-worth individuals continue working with wealth managers whose techniques lack sophistication, simply advising their clients to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds—things any average investor would do.

Nicola Wealth is a thought leader in the wealth management industry. Through avenues that include regular webinars and increasingly popular podcasts, Nicola’s team works hard to educate clients and help them become more informed investors. The firm’s entrepreneurial-minded financial advisors—both established and ambitious up-and-comers—know how to provide clients with real investment diversification that results in consistent and stable returns through holistic and integrated financial planning, but are just as committed to acting as a trusted resource for insight and education, giving clients a better understanding of their investments. Nicola Wealth clients get more than advice—they get leadership.

Nicola Wealth was founded in 1994 by John Nicola, a well-established voice in the industry. He believed the then-common approach to wealth management wasn’t meaningfully serving clients and dedicated his firm to meeting the complex needs of high-net-worth families, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Nicola Wealth refined and developed an integrated approach to wealth management that combines investments, risk management, tax planning, estate planning, and more. Today, innovation is a cornerstone of Nicola Wealth’s approach, as it continuously looks for new ways to improve client returns. What started as a firm with a staff of seven and $80 million in assets under management now consists of over 200 staff across Canada managing $7.4 billion.

They also understand how to navigate uncertain economies, building stable portfolios designed to withstand volatile markets.

Nicola Wealth advisors begin by understanding their clients’ needs, goals, and objectives and create a highly personalized, regularly adjusted road map for reaching those goals. The firm’s consolidated reports and statements ensure transparency and a level of detail that ensures clients understand their financial performance.

Here are just a few of the diversified investments Nicola Wealth uses to generate stable cash flow for its clients:

Private Equity & Private Debt

Stocks and bonds are just the beginning of an investment portfolio. Nicola Wealth diversifies beyond stocks and bonds to both protect and build its clients’ wealth. Their in-house portfolio managers source institutional-grade investments not correlated to the stock markets. This helps reduce volatility and provides clients with opportunities not always available to the average investor.

Sustainable Innovation

The Nicola Sustainable Innovation Fund provides its clients with a combination of capital growth and current income by investing in a diverse portfolio of publicly traded companies in the areas of renewable energy, clean tech, alternative transportation and sustainable infrastructure sectors. All portfolio investments are aligned with Nicola’s values as a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing.

Direct-Ownership Real Estate

Through Nicola Real Estate Limited Partnerships, Nicola Wealth provides its clients with a full-time real estate team that acquires and manages investment-grade properties across Canada and the United States, further diversifying their portfolios.

Nicola Wealth holds itself accountable to the highest fiduciary standards—not because it has to, but because it’s the right thing to do. In doing so, it aims to gain its clients’ trust in both managing and protecting their investments. Nicola Wealth doesn’t chase financial opportunities for its clients—it creates them.

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