Four of the glitziest Airbnb rentals in Toronto

Four of the glitziest Airbnb rentals in Toronto

Most people use Airbnb to avoid expensive hotel rooms. Then there are those who use it because hotels aren’t expensive enough. Toronto has some pretty gorgeous (and pricey) properties hiding between all those $30 shared rooms. Here, a look inside four of the most envy-inducing Airbnbs

The Dream Suite

$4,000 per night • Midtown • 6,500 square feet
Extras: Private spa, sauna, terrace, pool and home theatre. The unit has been used for photo shoots with Gigi Hadid and as a set for Suits.


Host: Becky Caissie, property manager
Why did you list it? “I learned Beyoncé uses Airbnb, so I decided to list the place to see what might happen. There’s definitely a market for super-luxury homes—some months we rent it out for 10 to 15 days.”


Who was your most memorable tenant? “Drake hosts a basketball tournament every summer. A couple of players stayed here. I did groceries for them and they gave me a list—just tons of Gatorade. They’ve talked about coming back next summer.”



The Ping-Pong Palace

$2,500 PER NIGHT • Yorkville • 2,700 square feet
Extras: Two wine cellars, private elevator entrance, heated floors and a Ping-Pong table.


Kai Bent-LeeHost: Kai Bent-Lee, restaurateur
Why did you list it? “A friend who lists his place on Airbnb recommended it to me, as I travel often. I looked at comparable suites in hotels like the Four Seasons and Hazelton and, actually, my place is a deal—for this size, you’d pay more than double in a hotel.”


Who was your most memorable tenant? “I haven’t rented it out yet, but I’ve had inquiries to use my unit for Scientology seminars and as an adult film set.”



The Garage Mahal

$938 PER NIGHT • High Park • 2,700 square feet
Extras: Two patios and a home theatre with HD projector. The unit used to be a commercial garage, and the owner’s ’63 Chevy is occasionally parked in the front hall.


Host: Robert Pilichowski, filmmaker
Why did you list it? “My place is unique. I figured it would be great to give people the opportunity to use it when I’m not there. Of course, the supplemental income helps, too.”


Who was your most memorable tenant? “My first rental was a family from Tel Aviv. It was great to meet people from across the globe, from a completely different culture. I’ve heard Airbnb horror stories, but so far, it’s been anything but that.”



The Factory Revamp

$987 PER NIGHT • Queen West • 1,700 square feet
Extras: Sliding 5,000-pound blast doors, library.


Host: Bob Froese, CEO of Bob’s Your Uncle Agency, and wife, Tahnee
Why do you Airbnb? “We go to the cottage every weekend between mid-April and November, so my place is empty. Just for fun, I put it out there to see what would happen. Now, I’m on track to make $30,000 this year.”


Who was your most memorable tenant? “We had a music industry type in from Los Angeles. After about three or four days, I got called about a noise complaint. I reached out to the guy from my cottage, but he said nothing was going on. Next day, same thing. I was back in the city at that point, so I literally walked into the unit. A couple of celebrity musicians had stayed over, and they were playing Xbox games really loudly all night.”