Last day campaign tidbits

Last day campaign tidbits

A few final thoughts as election day approaches:

• Howard Hampton made consecutive campaign stops this morning at two TTC stations on the same line—Chester and High Park—but didn’t ride the subway to get from one to the other.

• Latest projections show that John Tory and David Shiner, the Conservatives’ two highest hopes of regaining seats in the 416, are both losing.

• The final nail in Tory’s coffin will be hammered by Dalton McGuinty, who, in a show of bravado, will make Don Valley West the final stop of his campaign tour tonight. Anyone surprised or bewildered at the prospect of a second Liberal majority can take a peek at this.

• And, tune in to TVO tomorrow night for results coverage anchored by Steve Paikin, which will feature an urban affairs panel that includes Megan Harris of Daisy Consulting, John Cartwright of Fair Deal for our City Coalition, renowned municipal-finance expert Enid Slack and and me.