The List: 10 things celebrity gossip guru Lainey Lui can’t live without

The List: 10 things celebrity gossip guru Lainey Lui can’t live without

The List: Lainey Lui

1 | My e-cigarette
It’s almost like a hookah pipe, with liquid nicotine that you inhale. It still gives you the throat hit. I use it everywhere: in bed, watching TV, in the car. I panic if I don’t have it.

2 | My daily papaya
My mother said I should eat a papaya every day to ward off bad luck, and I do everything she tells me to do. She wasn’t very forthcoming with the reasons, but now no day is complete without one.

3 | My Sweet Valley High books
When I was in grade school, the book publisher Scholastic would come around with order forms. My dad worked two jobs then and didn’t have a lot of money, but he always let me buy books. One of my early must-reads was Sweet Valley High. It started my lifelong love of reading.

4 | My rooster charm
My wallet was stolen a few years ago in Cannes. It was the worst day of my life. When I got back and bought a new wallet, I attached this charm to the zipper. It’s meant to protect against crime. I pity the next person who tries to steal my wallet.

5 | My Nexus card
It’s the best invention ever. I was on something like 80 flights last year, most of them to the States. Now I can get to the airport 45 minutes before takeoff and breeze through security.

The List: Lainey Lui

6 | My husband’s student card
We’ve lived together for 13 years and I recently found his student card from Grade 10. He looks like such a dork. I love it! I keep it in my wallet.

7 | My monogrammed pyjamas
I have eight pairs: four for winter, four for summer. They’re used on a one-week rotation. All of them are from J.Crew and monogrammed with my initials on the breast pocket. If I’m not in pyjamas in bed, I don’t feel like me.

8 | My ear scratcher
It’s a stem the length of a Q-tip, but thinner and with a tiny scoop on one end. I think it’s an Asian thing. There’s nothing as satisfying as scratching an ear itch with one of these.

9 | My Harry Potter wand
I was sent on assignment for eTalk to the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida. I’m a Harry Potter freak so it was a big deal for me. They gave us these special wands with tips that lit up at the ceremony. To me it’s a symbol of all the amazing things I’ve been able to do in my job: go to the Super Bowl, the royal wedding, stuff like that.

10 | My Rolex
My dad gave it to me for my 30th birthday, so when I have it on, I think of him.

(Images: Daniel Ehrenworth)