Justin Bieber: sexier than we thought, makes us uncomfortable

Justin Bieber: sexier than we thought, makes us uncomfortable

Lock up your daughters (Image: Kerosene Photography)

Slate’s review of Justin Bieber’s first album somehow makes us feel uncomfortable. We had no idea he was so salacious. Dissecting My World 2.0, Jonah Weiner describes the song “First Dance”:

A barely masked plea to deflower someone. We begin the song “at the prom,” where there are, curiously, “no chaperones.” “This could be the night of your dreams,” Bieber coos. We are already in thick double entendre territory, and it only gets thicker when the chorus hits: “If you give, give the first dance to me / Girl, I promise I’ll be gentle, I know we gotta do it slowly.” In five years, when Bieber releases BieberSex/LoveSounds and tells Howard Stern about all the wild Ramada orgies he’s enjoyed on the road, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Thankfully, The Biebs’ new release, My World 2.0—not to be confused with his earlier release, My World—is more about heartbreak than wish fulfillment. While we know that Justin is a growing boy, with new and confusing emotions bursting within his tiny body, we would prefer if he kept those desires shamefully under wraps like a good Canadian boy until he can grow facial hair. Then he can bring the sexy back.

The canny charms of Canada’s pop prince [Slate]