Hashtag of the day—careful, it’s odorific

Hashtag of the day—careful, it’s odorific

Some days Toronto stinks, and not just a little bit. People on their way to work this morning discovered a funk lingering over the city, variously described as smelling like manure, Winnipeg and Rob Ford’s gravy train overflowing. Really, the only thing that people could agree on is that the smell smelled bad. Local media did their gosh-darn best to figure this thing out, but all they had to go on was Twitter and, in one case, a phone call to city hall.

Huzzah to the Toronto Star for going the distance to get (but not really) the story:

A spokeswoman said Toronto Water had no information on the mysterious odour.

“I know we investigated the last time and, I mean, we tracked all the sewers, we did everything that we would do, there was no answer,” said Cheryl San Juan.

“It was thoroughly investigated. It came and went, we never did figure out what that situation was.”

So, um, is this going to be a recurring odorific event in Toronto, like the late-summer algae that make our water smell funny? Twitter can only make these episodes humorous for so long—then it just gets annoying. But while it’s still funny, we can follow #pooTO and #smellyTO for all the complaint-based fun.

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