Globe and Mail to relaunch as a magazine-newspaper Frankenstein; Splice comparisons inevitable

Globe and Mail to relaunch as a magazine-newspaper Frankenstein; Splice comparisons inevitable

Revolutionizing newspapers: the tech is in the Mail

Ever since the Globe and Mail announced that magazine powerhouse Transcontinental would be taking over its printing duties, theories have been swirling over what the new, magazine-ified version of the daily would look like. Editor-in-chief John Stackhouse dropped some tantalizing hints during a panel on the future of daily newspapers at the Canadian Association of Journalists’ annual conference last weekend. With Splice opening this Friday, we thought it appropriate to provide some highlights from Stackhouse’s talk about the new hybrid Globe, swiped from the liveblog of the panel.

Stackhouse: Relaunching paper in the fall with daily M-F paper aimed at the digital reader. Not for retired crowd who can’t turn on computer.

Given that the young ‘uns don’t read newspapers, the retired crowd—sorry, zoomers—is the last group the Globe should alienate.

Stackhouse: We’re trying not to be the paper of record, but the record of insight. People know the score. But want to understand the sports.

Wait. Does this mean sports section–style analysis is coming to the rest of the paper? Score!

Stackhouse: Rethought weekend edition—keep them, hold them for a longer time.

We can’t tell if this means there will be more gardening content throughout or just on the cover.

Stackhouse: Readers read on multiple platforms at different times of the day. Sophisticated readers will continue to read paper product. Same journalism, but different ways of telling story.

The Globe has many readers, but only the sophisticated ones read the paper product? Should simpler folk be looking forward to GlobeTV (footage of Margaret Wente wagging her finger, Rex Murphy trying to contact his home planet on a Speak and Spell, etc.)? Or perhaps a Globe that’s released in pill form?

Stackhouse: It’s both advertiser and reader interest. It enhances the value to the newspaper reader. We’re going up the value chain. Better writing, photography, design, visuals, quality of stock.

Translation: it enhances the value to the newspaper reader by turning her into a magazine reader.