Global News figured out where all of Toronto’s sex offenders live

Global News figured out where all of Toronto’s sex offenders live

A closeup of Global’s sex-offender map. (Image: Global/Screenshot)

Don’t panic, Liberty Villagers, Parkdalians and Corktownspeople, but listen carefully: your parts of the city are home to above-average concentrations of sex offenders.

For that delightful piece of information, thank Global News, which spent six years battling the provincial government in court in order to get this information released. A map prepared by the news outlet and released on its website earlier today helpfully colour-codes all of Ontario’s postal codes according to the number of registered sex offenders living in each of them, per 100,000 residents.

The darkest spots on Toronto’s section of the map are clustered in the downtown east end, particularly around Regent Park and Moss Park, where 102 registered sex offenders resided as of April 2014. The Junction area, between Runnymede and the train tracks, had 62. Little Portugal and Liberty Village were also punching above their weight, at 58. It can’t be coincidental that all these places have relatively cheap housing and fairly good access to public services.

Anyone thinking about packing up the kids and moving, take note: there are sex offenders living throughout the rest of the city as well, but in lower concentrations. What Global’s map reveals, more than anything else, is that existing side-by-side with criminals and ex-criminals is just an inescapable fact of city life. Most of us will be fine. (Although, interestingly, some of the highest concentrations of sex offenders are way up in northern Ontario.)

Global’s full map and story are here.