Get cleaning, everyone: William and Kate are coming to Canada (maybe)

Get cleaning, everyone: William and Kate are coming to Canada (maybe)

Canada bound? Willy and Kate might 'moon in our backyard (Image: esther1616)

Perhaps the debate on Canada’s future with the monarchy will be put aside for a little while as rumours begin to swirl that Prince William and Kate Middleton will have their honeymoon here in Canada. According to incredibly sketchy, but apparently not-sketchy-enough-to-ignore, reports from the Sun, the honeymoon is planned for the summer.

The future King and his bride will make the two-week visit in July, starting on the country’s east coast and ending in British Columbia in the west.

Aides are agonising over details of the trip because they know the couple – and particularly Kate – will be under the microscope.

William is understood to be personally overseeing the programme to ensure it does not overwhelm his new wife, who has agreed to do at least one solo engagement.

First of all, we commend William on making his first choice as a family man correctly: July is about the only time that Canada would be bearable as a honeymoon destination. The Sun report says that Canada “was a natural choice” as the first royal trip for the couple, because we’re just mad for monarchs here. Also, CTV News notes that Stephen Harper extended an invitation to the couple when their nuptials were announced.

Bizarrely, one anonymous source, who we’re assuming the Sun didn’t make up, said the trip will also be “the first chance people will have to judge if William has chosen his wife wisely.” Seriously? We’re pretty used to crazy marriages in high places in this country, what with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau. As long as Kate doesn’t run off with Mick Jagger, we’re pretty sure Canadians won’t care, except to be happy that some attractive royals have visited for once.

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