G20 aftermath: finances less terrible than expected

G20 aftermath: finances less terrible than expected

No parking: thanks to the G20, there were fewer parking tickets than usual in 2010 (Image: Matthew Gray, Toronto Globalist)

We think it’s fair to say that the G20, the Fake Lake that came with it, and the police crackdown that it spawned will not be remembered fondly by Toronto. The sour feelings between the police and the city still hadn’t dissipated before the funeral for Sergeant Ryan Russell, leaving more than a few conflicted over the last time they’d seen that many uniforms in our streets. But never fear, because it turns out the G20 left Toronto with two gifts: according to the Toronto Sun, the international meeting left Toronto with a slightly smaller expense than anticipated.

Public Service Canada approved a $144-million budget for policing and city services, but only $89.2 million was spent on the massive security details, says a report to Thursday’s meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board.

The net policing bill was $76.2 million, with the force claiming $13 million more on behalf of other city departments, including the fire and emergency medical services.

Toronto Police also kept $2.3 million in equipment bought for the summit’s security-related activities — fully refunded “in accordance with the federal government’s security cost framework policy” and an agreement with Public Safety Canada to cover police planning team expenses.

As well as having spent less than budgeted to “protect” the city during the G20 (is this a budget hole that Rob Ford doesn’t need to worry about anymore?) the Toronto Police and Parking Enforcement also issued slightly fewer parking tickets than expected in 2010—and they’re crediting (read: blaming) the G20 as well. Sure, this is another victory in the War on Everything That’s Not a Car, but consider the strange bedfellow: if Toronto motorists paid a bit less for parking illegally in 2010, they need to thank the tattooed-and-pierced pinko cyclist crowd who marched during the G20.

Hey, Don Cherry: you’re welcome.

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