Babs goes batty

Babs goes batty

The opening sentence of Barbara Amiel’s latest offering in Maclean’s proves beyond a shadow of a shadow of a doubt that, whatever else you might say about her, the lady is as good as her word: “As we face the next round of tribulations, there are distinct signs that I am turning slightly batty.”

In a piece devoted to illustrating her affection for her dogs and her husband (in which order I will leave to minds greater than my own), Lady Black reveals—in something of a digression—that:

My three dogs are in Toronto, bonded for life in the face of my absence with our 70-year-old German houseman. They bark with a distinctly Rhenish sound which even Nobel Prize winner Konrad Lorenz, authority on the language of animals, would have trouble understanding. Werner’s kindness to every living creature from frogs to me is taxed by my insistence on hanging a large portrait of Joseph Goebbels by Toronto artist Tony Scherman in our living room. The picture depicts evil brilliantly, and I’ve renamed it after several people in my husband’s drama. Werner’s late father happened to be the night chauffeur for fellow Rhinelander Reichsminister Doktor Goebbels, and he has a loathing of Nazism supplemented by a pained look whenever I play Wagner.




I open the floor to whatever suggestions our noble readers would care to venture as to whom she is referring when she says “several people in my husband’s drama.” My guesses: “Richard” as in Breeden, “Eric” as in Sussman and “Eddie” as in take your pick.

Further along the spectrum toward sanity (of a sort), his Lordship further sought to ingratiate himself with John McCain over the weekend by picking him in the pages of the National Post to win the U.S. presidential election. Some time ago, I took a jaunt into the Twilight Zone by suggesting that if McCain won, he might put a word in Dubya’s ear regarding a commutation. Black reports this weekend that Tricia Nixon likely won more votes for McCain than the Kennedy clan pulled for Obama. Tricia loved the Nixon book, and she’s definitely got McCain’s ear hence, therefore, ipso facto…

And back on this planet, David Radler is suing Donald Trump for squelching on a condo deal entre les deux. This after Trump once announced publicly at a dinner in Radler’s honour that “when David says something, you can bank on it. His word is his bond…. As for me? He doesn’t seem to think so.” Okay, so I made that last bit up. But you catch my drift.

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