Five things we learned about Alison Pill, including how she owns a headshot of Aaron Sorkin

Five things we learned about Alison Pill, including how she owns a headshot of Aaron Sorkin

Alison Pill (Image: Gage Skidmore)

Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom was recently picked up for a second season, and Vulture sat down with Toronto-bred actress Alison Pill to discuss how she’s dealing with Sorkinisms, and how she’s faring with planning her wedding to Jay Baruchel. Here are five things we learned about the young up-and-comer:

1. She still values physical media
She didn’t own a television when she lived in New York City, but she does admit that she has watched cable news. “I was more reading papers, reading magazines; I’m much more print media,” she says.

2. She is the owner of an Aaron Sorkin headshot
Sorkin’s famously wordy scripts seem like they’d be hard to take on for even the most seasoned actor, so he provided Pill and the rest of the Newsroom cast with a survival kit that included the script and, um, a headshot of himself. Pill says she put the headshot on a mirror in her L.A. apartment, and every time she looked at it she felt she was being scolded for not learning her lines.

3. She would rather do anything else than plan her wedding
She’s marrying Baruchel at the end of the summer, but here’s her advice for anyone planning a wedding: “Oh my God, it’s the most stressful thing you can do… Swear to God. Don’t do it. Anybody. Everybody should elope.”

4. She’s over the Times
She’s become fairly engaged on Twitter of late,  and she says it’s because she “got really mad at the Times.” She says she was fed up with the stories that were “part of the Times [that were] about the state of the world.”

5. She’s a successful woman who falls a lot
On being semi-successful and accident prone: Emily [Mortimer] and I were both like, ‘We’re relatively successful women and we cannot… I mean I would totally mess up with the e-mails and tripping and falling. If you followed me around with a camera every day it would be like, ‘My God! Oh, so that’s where that bruise came from.’” [Vulture]