Adam Giambrone defends couch’s reputation on Toronto radio

Adam Giambrone defends couch’s reputation on Toronto radio

Adam Giambrone: couched honour (Image: Tsar Kasim)

The city’s sexiest ex-mayoral candidate stopped by the Dean Blundell show, on 102.1 The Edge, yesterday morning for a no-question-is-off-limits interview. Sadly, that description sounds more exciting than it turned out to be. Mostly, Dean and al. sycophantically berated him (if that’s possible, and we maintain that it is) for dropping out of the race. Though the questioning did result in this humorous exchange:

Giambrone: Had it just been me, had my family been living ten thousand kilometers away, and I had no contact in Toronto, that would be one thing, it would just be me, and people could have their opinion of me, and it wouldn’t matter. But this was a little bit different.
Blundell: Hey, uh, Adam, I hate to break the news to you, but if it had just been you, you wouldn’t have had the trouble in the first place. We’d be high fiving the hell out of you.
Giambrone [clearly embarrassed]: Yeah, well, there you go.

The TTC chair was also asked about his infamous office couch, to which he coyly demurred, saying that just because we get one side of the story, doesn’t mean that it’s true. It’s nice to see him defending honour once again—even if it is the honour of a couch.

• Adam Giambrone—The Dean Blundell Show [102.1 Edge]