The Cannabis Lover’s Gift Guide 2020

Pressed hashish

48North's traditional pressed hashish is hand-crafted with pure kief sourced from its highest-quality flower. At its core, this simple, clean extract is slow, familiar and nostalgic, like your favourite vinyl records. Think of it as an analogue filter on a digital world. |

Body oil

48North's Apothecanna Extra-Strength body oil provides maximum potency for targeted use. It's their most concentrated extra-strength product. |

Gorgeous grinder

Striking the perfect balance between form and utility, and molded out of solid brass, the Liv grinder fits seamlessly into any home. It is designed to be displayed and showcased with pride. |

Moonlight shadow pax pod

This woodsy, outdoor-grown indica has hints of berry and sweet grapes. It creates a relaxing body high—ideal for an evening under the stars. |

Extract vaporizer

Pax Era Pro, the newest premium extract vaporizer in the Pax family, includes on-demand draw, simple temperature changes with the insertion of your pod, and temperature controls for consistent sessions. This vaporizer comes loaded with technology that remembers your favourite temperature and dose settings, so you can enjoy each strain and flavour exactly how you like it |

Cannabis storage kit

Think of Stori as a wine rack for your cannabis—it's a beautiful and child-resistant unit that helps you finally ditch those mason jars. |

Sparkling cannabis tonics

House of Terpenes’ terpene-inspired sparkling cannabis tonics provides unique flavours to pair with your holiday meals. The bright and citrusy Limonene offers notes of lemon, tangerine and thyme, while Myrcene is earthier, with flavours of tarragon, orange peel, clove and cinnamon. |

Lightly hopped cannabis beverages

Crisp and lightly hopped, with an easy-drinking taste. Available in Mollo 5 and Mollo 2.5, it's perfect for kicking back with your crew. |

Bubbly cannabis beverages

Celebrate the little wins this holiday season with fruit-forward Dark Cherry and Blood Orange. |

CBD sparkling water

Sicilian Lemon Sparkling Water from Veryvell is perfect for the self-care set. |

Fancy bong

The classic Gatorade-bottle bong gets an elegant glass makeover from the Australian company Gatorbeug. (They also make bongs that resemble Vegemite jars and hot-sauce containers.) |

Calming tea

Green tea is relaxing enough on its own. Here, it's infused with rose, jasmine and CBD for optimal bliss. |

Cannabis bath salts

These hyper-relaxing bath salts are infused with ylang-ylang, jasmine and patchouli oils, as well as equal parts CBD and THC for a blissed-out soak. |

Bliss pen

Dosist's Bliss pen—a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs and new users alike—finally became available in Canada this year. It comes in formulations like “bliss,” “soothe” and “arouse,” and meticulously measures out each hit for a regulated high. |

Porcelain pipe

When you're not smoking, this porcelain pipe from F8 will keep your burning patchouli sticks upright. |

Festive beverage

This cannabis drink is infused with ginger and two-per-cent THC for a warming, holiday-friendly wine alternative. |

Gather Frosty mint vape

Vanilla and mint aromas shine in the Gather Frosty Mint vape, which is perfect for a cozy winter day spent with friends and family. This convenient, smoke-free 510 cartridge vape is made with high-quality cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes. It also contains some CBD for a balanced and approachable experience. Solei's limited-edition Gather Frosty Mint 510 vape is available while supplies last. |

Pineapple Express vape

Good Supply’s Pineapple Express has been the best-selling vape in Ontario since its launch—it’s easy to understand why, with its juicy, unmistakable tropical aromas and punch of THC. This convenient, smoke-free 510 vape cartridge is made with high-potency THC distillate and plant-based terpenes. |

Dragon fruit chew

Indulge your senses with exotic yet delicate tropical fruit flavours this holiday season. We select our artisanal flavours and plant-based ingredients with care—this Olli fruit chew is perfect for sharing with your closest friends. |

Free same-day delivery

Avoiding the crowds this year is more important than ever. Use Fire & Flower's gift guide to cross everyone off your list and get it delivered to your door within hours. |

San Rafael '71 Delahaze and San Rafael '71 x shy wolf Delahaze Candle

True to haze lore, Delahaze is the ideal choice for getting dolled up and shaking your groove thing during the holidaze. Speaking of dolled up, Delahaze is a standout nug, recognizable for its cone-like shape, long orange hairs and dense light green bud. Its terpene profile consists of tropical notes of brilliant mango. @SanRafael71 partnered with local candlemaker @shywolfcandles to translate the beautiful scent profile into a limited-edition set of holiday candles. Head on over to their Instagram pages for your chance to win some for yourself. |

Raspberry Sativa Gummies

Chew on this delectable stocking stuffer. Raspberry Sativa Gummies by Aurora Drift are fruity bite-sized gummies infused with full-spectrum extract from our best-selling sativa strains. The resin is evenly distributed, not injected, providing consistency throughout. Effects take longer to kick in than with dried flower, but are longer-lasting. Remember to start slowly with a low dose. It's a simple and discreet method of consumption, and each four-pack contains 10 mg of THC, with 2.5 mg per gummy. |

Organic Bubba Kush

This is a gift for someone who really knows. Whistler is Canada’s first organic-certified cannabis grower and puts quality at the forefront of everything they do, including growing plants in living soil and watering, harvesting and packing their product by hand. Whistler Cannabis is cultivated by hand and grown with heart. Bubba Kush is a high-THC strain born and bred on the West Coast. It’s beloved for its heavily frosted buds and sweet scent intertwined with notes of earth and pine. |

Aurora Aces

Let’s face it, rolling a joint isn’t easy for everyone. Cue Aurora Aces. Every pack of smooth-burning sativa pre-rolls starts with high-quality whole bud blended from Aurora's bestselling sativa strains. The flower is then finely milled and perfectly rolled in sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly papers. Aurora flower is grown in a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to deliver consistent, superior-quality cannabis. Who said gifts couldn’t be made easy? |